Pink Cafe

Pink Cafe
283 Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
(03) 9663 8868

After my insane craving for HK style Egg Waffle which led me to paying AUD$5 at Patterns Cafe for Hong Kong style egg waffles.  The insanity continues as I craved for HK waffles after seeing my doctor about my tummy issues a few weeks ago.
He told me to go on a FODMAP diet, essentially cutting wheat, fruit, beans, lactose etc and gave me some brochures to read.  I figured since I haven’t actually READ the brochures, I can still eat wheat.  And what do I crave for? HK WAFFLES!

HK Waffles!

U might ask, what is the difference between HK waffles and normal waffles?  Well well well! HK Waffles are typically thinner, folded in half and drizzled with the goodness of a peanut butter, condense milk and sugar mixture… Omg drools!
Anyhoo, I knew that this type of HK Waffles is available at Pink Cafe on Swanston st, so I dropped by after work to try it.

Greasy looking popcorn machine

“It’s gonna take 15 mins”, the salesperson told me.  Fair enough, I am willing to wait to satisfy my craving.  This place offers hot dogs and have a greasy looking popcorn machine.  I reckon if it wasn’t for my craving, I would have just rolled my eyes and walk off.After almost 10 mins I was asked whether I wanted peanut butter, condense milk, sugar or all three in my waffle. I thought the condense milk and the peanut butter should be pre mixed but anyway, I told her I wanted everything but just less sugar.My waffle came out not long after, in a traditional brown paper bag, HK style. The waffle was huge, more like the Western style waffle. On my first bite I noticed that as they did not pre-mix the peanut butter and condense milk, the peanut butter is slightly thicker and tasted less like a HK waffle and more like a western style waffle with peanut butter.

I would still say it was good, and better than my HK style egg waffle experience at Patterns.  Definitely worth a try to satisfy your cravings. 6.5/10

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