Cafe Azul & Hong Kong Party Fun!

Cafe Azul
346 Bridge Rd Richmond, VIC 3121
03 9421 5959
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Remember how obsessed I was with HK style egg waffles?  You can see my quest for the perfect HK style egg waffles here and here.  So one day, when Shoe Queen told me she has an awesome foodie friend who actually has the special pan to make these waffles, I was excited.  We should throw a Hong Kong party!

So that fateful day came when we are supposed to organise a HK party.  Not trusting ANY of our cooking tho, we decided to go and have some food first, in case nothing turns out and we starve to death LOL.  So away we went to try out Cafe Azul in Richmond.

Cafe Azul advises us to try to come in a bit earlier, before 10am because it gets busy.  Indeed the small cafe was almost full when we got there.  Thankfully the three of us can squish into the last 2 people table available.  Cafe Azul is counter service- you sit down, browse the menu and hop up to the counter to order.  Although that sounded like what you would get from a mediocre cafe, their friendly service and breakfast selection sets them apart.

We decided to share a wholemeal lemon curd & poppyseed muffin.  A huge fan of lemon curd, it’s exciting when they offered to heat it up for us, and even offer to cut it up for us so we could share.  I love the flavour of the muffins, although I would prefer more curdy lemon curd.  There seemed to be only a small dollop of lemon jammy thing on top and not really lemon curd as such.  I also love the texture of the wholemeal muffin, you can really feel the slight chew instead of the boring refined version.  YUM.

We also ordered a Harvest Breakfast $15.  I do not know how they manage to bring it to us without the huge tower of food falling off the plate.  This is a vegetarian breakfast, but you would in no way felt deprived.  The foundation of this whole creation was garlic pesto toast, layered with tomato, a really yummy grilled haloumi cheese, two perfectly poached eggs, capsicum, huge bunch of rocket and 1/4 avocado.  Holy hell.  Whilst it’s not as refined and unique as the other breakfasts I have eaten, the words “hearty” “home cooked” “generous” popped into mind when eating our breakfasts.  One thing I didn’t like though, was the excessive use of olive oil on the dish- as you can see in here the food is sitting in a puddle of oil, which I thought was unneccessary.  Overall, 7/10.

After stuffing our belly full with real food, we head off to Richmond to get our ingredients.  We realised that we can just bank on us successfully making beautiful batches of HK style egg waffles, because none of our cooking skills are that great.  So rather than putting all eggs in one basket, we decided to buy some snacks and also make some other snacks for the party.  So here’s what we got:

OK, when in doubt, get HKie chips and drinks like these.  You can’t get them wrong.

Then we decided to also make a few things just to make things hard for us.  In Hong Kong, street food like fish balls are very popular.  We decided to make a version of it by buying deep fried fish balls in the Chinese supermarket, then use those Japanese curry cubes for our version of “curry fish balls”.  It actually tasted surprisingly good! AND Fail safe!  #win!

Next dish is a bit tricky.  I spotted some duck giblets in Richmond and decided to try some five spice soya duck giblets.  Before you start dry retching, it’s actually not too bad.  Might need a bit more ginger next time though.  I also use the leftover sauce to make five spice soy eggs.

Shoe Queen and B  decided to make sticky rice roll.  Technically, sticky rice roll is Shanghaiese, but *ahem* Hong Kong is a very multi-cultural country right?  😛  Anyway, sticky rice roll is also quite easy to make, you cook some glutinous rice, put some pork floss and pickled vegies (Chinese type, not Japanese type!), a deep fried dough stick in the middle (these are all available pre-made in Richmond)  and away you roll.  Heehee, sadly Shoe Queen and B forgot to put the dough stick in the middle until it was too late LOL

Now to the pièce de résistance- HK style egg waffles!  Using Christine’s HK Egg Waffle recipe, B and Shoe Queen kindly mixed up the batter and lend us the kitchen to play with. We even made the egg batter dripped all over the sides to make it a more authentic experience.  How exciting!

Well, until it turned out like that, that and that:

Hmmmm….yah… I must say, this is a failure. First of all we managed to put too little batter in the pan, so it didn’t really form into anything, then our friend RC made an oil and egg batter bomb by putting too much oil and batter and managed to deep fry the shyt out of the batter while simultaneously set the fire alarm off.  Oh dear god.

But slowly, but surely, we each took turns trying to make this elusive HK style egg waffle and learn from each other’s failures.  Till FINALLY this happens:-

Flavour-wise, we all agreed that it has a more cakey than eggy flavour.  MMmmm maybe we have to try a different recipe when B and Shoe Queen managed to wash the HK Egg Waffle scraps off their stove. 😛

Thank you B and Shoe Queen for hosting this awesome party and letting us ruin your kitchen!  We really appreciate it! 😀