Goodbye my little foodie friend- RIP

Chubby my doggie, has been my Twitter Mascot ever since I first joined Twitter. He was even the reason why @Jaimecml and I realised we are colleagues, because Jaime walked past my desk one day and saw a pic of Chubby, the exact one on my twitter profile, sitting on my desk.  He was my little foodie friend, and he passed away today, at the grand old age of 13.5.

I got him when I was in high school- he was this TINY little thing that sit on the palm of my hand.  I was so scared that I might step on him and squash him just like that.  I wanted to call him Fluffy but mum decided to call him Chubby.  I wasn’t too sure why, cos he wasn’t that Chubby when we first got him, but that name stuck.

He was a stubborn little thing.  I remember bringing him to doggie training and he refused to walk on heel, and simply lie firmly on the ground.  We had to drag him up and down the dustroad, and form huge clouds of dust bellowing behind him.  Needless to say we gave up after a few tries- what a clever and naughty dog.  Given another chance, I would probably persisted but being very young myself I just gave up.

Chubby grew up to love food as much as I do, and his weight bellowed out to about 14kgs, which is fat for a small size doggie.  He’s not that fat in this picture but boy I was struggling to carry him.  We had to be very careful because he scavenges for food and won’t stop at anything to get to it.  We had more than our share of visits to the vet because he ate (actually, swallowed) grapes and it just sat in his stomach for days.  Once he pushed past the doggie fence and ate a whole table full of nuts and chocolates- which probably led to his demise.

I couldn’t help but put a picture of Chubby joining my hen’s night- he dove right into the festivities and had a penis crown around his neck.  He also ate out of a plate with penis pic on it but I am sure my mum and RSPCA will be on my case if I publish that photo.

For some reason not only I became part of my husband’s family, but Chubby has also became very much part of his family also.  My Father-in-law became Chubby’s best friend and he ALWAYS goes nuts when he sees my father-in-law.  I think hubby must have the same scent because Chubby loves my hubby too.

Last year he got diagnosed with liver failure and had to be put on a special diet and drink filtered water.  It must have sucked for him, being a doggie who loves his food, I can’t imagine him eating bland meals every day.  Chubby has also grown to be a grumpy old doggie and always looked quite sad.

In April this year, Chubby got diagnosed with palette cancer and the doctor said it was in its final stages and that we should expect him to pass in four months time.  The doctor gave us palliative care medication to ease his pain and he became that happy doggie we once known him to be, still dashing up and down the staircase whenever I visit him in Brisbane and trying to scavenge for food wherever he could.

This morning, Chubby was looking particularly perky so mum decided to take him to her weekly Tai Chi class which my parents-in-law also attend.  My father-in-law played with him a bit and gave him some food… moments later he collapsed and left this earth not long after.  Mum and I found comfort in the fact that he gets to see his best friend before passing away although sadly the last time I saw him was in May this year.

For his wake
For his “wake”, my parents in Brisbane went to yum cha, and so for his “wake” in Melbourne (which also coincides with my last hurrah before I go into my low residue diet for my medical check up on Thursday), we went to Hardware Socetie.  I am sure doggie would approve of our yummy selection of food.  Especially this fried brioche with chocolate mousse and cherry:

It was an amazing lunch and it did cheer me up a little.  Rest in Peace Chubby and may lots and lots of yummy food await for you in heaven.