Shop TG10, Goldsbrough Lane, 181 William Street, Melbourne
03 9600 1088

I   I have heard

I have heard so much about ROLL’d from various food bloggers finding their perfect lunch at the King st side of town that I decided I should give it a try one day.

Nestled in the food street of Goldsbrough Lane, ROLL’d is like a Vietnamese fast food joint, a cross between a Kenny’s and a Miss Chu in class and food offerings. ROLL’d offers rice paper rolls, Vietnamese pork rolls, various salads and noodles.

On this occasion I tried their soft shell crab rice paper roll $3, sesame chicken roll $2.6 and a lotus and duck salad $4.9.

Pre-made Vietnamese roll, like sushi rolls, can be quite tricky to store. If you put too much moisture on your Viet rice paper rolls it will fall apart into a messy slob, put too little moisture and you will get this inedible hard paper in your mouth. Miss Chu managed to keep theirs moist enough.

Sadly, Roll’d’s (:p) was consistently dry on one side, so you bit into it, found this horribly dried slab, and you have to make a decision to chew through it or spit it out. In my case, I was at work so had to chew through it. Uurrrghhhh.

Their duck salad was okay, the slices of duck felt and tasted like the packaged ones your get from Luv-a-duck (Peking flavour I believe). The salad tasted like I was eating slightly sweet pickled vegetables… ick. The salad comes with crab crackers (instead of prawns?!) but it was overwhelmingly peppery more than crabby.

Overall I felt that for the price and quality I got from Roll’d, I would not visit again. 5/10

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