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I’ve been such a slackarse these days. Between working long hours and P-Mummy visiting I had no time to publish my posts. However, since P-Mummy’s visit I have taken her to a number of places to chomp, I felt inspired to blog again. Here’s the first place I took P-Mummy to: Mamasita.

P-Mummy loves sharing plates, because that means she can try more things and eat more. Mamasita fits that criteria and thankfully on a Saturday lunchtime at 12:10pm Mamasita wasn’t full- yet.

We had to start of with the famous corn on the cob $4.9. I have even prepared moist towelette for this occasion eating the corn was so messy, but so worth it.  Slightly spicy, the beautiful combination of corn, cheese, smokey chipotle sauce and a squeeze of lime is just irresistible.

P.Mummy loves soup so she also ordered the pork and clam soup $4.5.  The soup was really flavoursome but boderline salty.  The clams were superfresh and the crunchy corn chip (?!) adds a nice crunchy texture to the soup.

We ordered some Tostaditas (little taco thingies with stuff on top) because from memory they were pretty good.  The crab toastaditas ($16) was refreshing while the chicken toastaditas ($14) has a nice smokey flavour.  If I had to choose, I would probably choose the crab toastaditas.

Quesadillas was another one of my favourite last time I visited Mamasita. We ordered the vegetarian one with lots of mushrooms $14.  Hubby might not be as impressed because he doesn’t like mushrooms but we really liked it.  It was even lovelier with the extra side of salsa (complimentary) and a huge dash of the green tabasco.  BRING ON THE HEAT!

Last time we visited, we had a number of not very good large dishes (aka Comida para la familia at Mamasita’s), so I was a bit hesistant when Hubby wanted to order the large dish of Black Mole with raised right confit chicken maryland $24.  I must say although the chicken was quite tender, I wasn’t impressed by the sauce.  It just tasted smokey but without depth… I dunno it just tasted like it was a bit burnt more than anything.

We were told to order a side of rice also, but what the waitress didn’t tell us is that this dish already comes with 2 pieces of Tortillas.  We could probably have ordered something else rather than rice that filled our stomachs.  I really wanted to try their desserts but we were too full by then.  DOH!

Overall, because I’ve been here 3 times already I have pretty much figured out what I like and don’t like, which made this visit so much more enjoyable than the previous few times.  It seemed that whenever venture outside the small dishes or the tried and tested dishes we tend to be a bit disappointed, like this time with the soup and the Maryland chicken.  Also, it would have been great if they provide some moist napkins since everyone has commented how messy it is to eat at Mamasita!  8/10
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