131 Smith St, Fitzroy
03 9419 5101

I have been DYING to try Huxtable’s yuzu meringue tart ever since someone tweeted about it.  Thankfully P.Mummy was coming to town and it was the best excuse to take her to Huxtable.

We had an early lunch and arrive at 12 on the dot.  I took the opportunity to take a photo of the awesome kitchen- it was amazing how much you can cook in a small kitchen like that and how organised it was.

For some reason I remembered not liking the jalapenos and cheese croquette here so I decided not to order one but hubby wanted it.  When it came out (not pictured) P.Mummy kept saying how she love croquettes so Hubby reluctantly had to share… ooopppss!  We had to order an extra croquette after that because P.Mummy raved on about it.

My first dish was the spiced tuna tartare, shiso, yuzu custard, radish, sesame crackers $23.  OMG the dish was so yummy.  Although I normally love a huge hit of spiciness, this was just right.  The tuna had a teasing hint of spiciness, but not so much so that it overpowers the beautiful flavour from the yuzu custard.  The sesame crackers gave the dish its crunch, although I wish there’s a bit more sesameness to the crackers.  This dish is gluten free too by the way, just to make it doubly awesome.

We somehow managed to order another gluten free dish here which is the rare beef salad $26.  Although the price tag was on the steep side I thought it’s worth every mouthful.  The beef was tender and the flavours just melds beautifully together like a song.

P.Mummy decided that even though it’s 12 noon, strictly speaking in QLD where she’s from, there is no daylight savings, so it’s still brunch time.  So we ordered a decidedly brunchy item which was the duck egg with chilli braised ham hock and okra- gluten free again ($22)!  I personally love okra but last time I tried it with P.Mummy in QLD she said it looked and tasted like snot.  Thankfully, Huxtable’s version changed her mind dramatically and I can wax lyrical about the health benefits of this awesome vegie.

ANYWAY, I digress.  Once again, Huxtable didn’t disappoint in the taste department and hubby almost licked the plate- might have been good if we have more bread to mop the egg yolks.  Mmmmm.

When we arrived at Huxtable, the waitress told us that the XO bun is not yet available, but promised to let us know if it’s ready.  I was so happy that she remembered us and promptly ordered 3 of the buns when she came over to let us know the buns are available.  I know people raved about the buns, but it was actually one of the disappointing dish of the day for me.

XO sauce is quite a pungent sauce made with dried scallops, dried shrimps, oil and chilli.  I was hoping that I would get a bun with XO sauce in it, not a bun MADE with tiny bits of XO sauce.  I think it might be a nice introduction for Westerners who are not used to the concept of XO sauce, but the flavours were too subtle for my liking.

Dessert time!  No, this is not my dessert, as I have my eyes set on the yuzu tart!  That being said I really really wanted this Chocolate & hazelnut delice $15.  Thankfully hubby ordered it so I get a small taste of it.  I don’t remember it much but I remembered it being really yum. (and it’s gluten free too!)

No this is not the yuzu tart either and I know the suspense is killing you but I had to show you my mum’s sad sad dessert.  I didn’t know what to expect with the description of “fresh mandarin, grapefruit with mint and lime sorbet” $10, but I expected a bit more than just this.  P.Mummy had MAJOR dessert envy when she saw my dessert!

Ta da!  Here’s the yuzu meringue tart!  Once again the whole “deconstructed” thing is at play here but I ain’t complaining this time because I was yumgasming over the yuzu.  The flavours were simply exquisite and it’s fast becoming my favourite yuzu dessert of all time!  This is SOOOOO much better than the awful one I had at  Sake Melbourne.

Overall, Huxtable is still one of my favourite restaurants in town.  I can’t believe how many gluten free options I unwittedly consume also which is great if my doc present me with a positive result on celiac disease.  At least I know I have one restaurant I could go to.

Now all I have to do is to tear myself from the yumminess of Huxtable and cross the road to try Huxtaburger and my life will be complete. 8/10

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