Joy Cupcakes

Joy Cupcakes
Southern Cross Lane, 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9650 5151

One thing about working with different clients is that I can get to try different things around different part of CBD. At the moment I am working near the Bourke/Russell end of town which mean I am super close to gym, Chinatown and Joy Cupcakes.

At first when I saw Joy Cupcakes, I wrinkle my nose. Having tried Cupcake Central, Cupcake Family, Cupcake on Pitt, Little Cupcake and the worst of them, The Cupcake Bakery, I must say I am rather disappointed with the lack lustre cupcake offerings in the city. I used to get my cupcakes from Sugadeaux when they stock in the city, alas they don’t stock it anymore and in growing desperation I tried different cupcakes from the abovementioned cupcakes shops and was bitterly disappointed. Most of them are quite dry and by gawd The Cupcake Bakery ones are just yuck.

Anyway I saw Joy Cupcakes, wrinkled my nose but thought I should at least try them before making a judgement.  I went in and was greeted by a smiley lady and got on with deciding about what to get.  I like it how the emphaised on using natural ingredients and colourings, and not articifical colourings.  There are at least 2 gluten free choices and 2 vegan choices each day which is fantastic.  I know how hard it is for bakery to make GF and vegan cupcakes tastes good, as my friend Monkylicious is now specialising in GF & Vegan treats at L’Miao Bakery in QLD.

I chose the gluten free Black and White $4, which is a Belgian Choc cake with vanilla bean frosting.  I must say it was pretty much love at first sight.  Even my colleagues, who I shared the cupcake with, who frowned at the gluten-freeness, widen their eyes after one bite and went Ohhhh this is nice!  HA!  Gluten free rulez!

On other occassions I’ve tried their Dark Chocolate (pictured) cupcake and their coffee cupcake. Both of them were moist but the flavours are not as fantastic as the Black and White Cupcakes.

How does it compare to Sugadeaux? Sorry I must say Sugadeaux is still my one and only love, and Joy doesn’t make Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes! One day, I just have to throw someone a party and get me some bulk order Sugadeaux cupcakes. That being said Joy Cupcakes is the closest I could get in the city and I am OK with that for now. 7/10

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