Bohemian Bar & Restaurant

Bohemian Bar & Restaurant
35 Dukes Walk, South Wharf, VIC
03 9682 0566

A few weeks ago we got lucky and had a really sunny, hot day. Hubby actually decided that he wanted to go out instead of playing Skyrim all day, so we walked down South Wharf for lunch. I was tempted to take him to The Sharing House as I really liked it last time I visited.  But I forced myself to try something different, and stumbled upon Bohemian Bar at the arse end of South Wharf.

We sat outside so apologies in advance for the awful looking photos.  We both ordered the lunch special, but as Hubby was pretty full from breakfast, he only ordered the 3 tapas ($15).  His arrived first, and it was a plate laden with tortillas, croquets and a salad which looked more Greek than spanish.  Everything looked really good though and the tortilla tasted quite good.  Sadly Hubby refused to let me try the croquets 😦  Meanie.

I waited and waited for mine and when it finally arrived, I was a bit disappointed.  I ordered a lunch specials too, which was the seafood paella with a glass of punch $20.  The paella was undercooked and the seafood was not very fresh and a bit overcooked.  The flavours were OK but wasn’t anything to ring home about.

Bohemian had so much potential, being in the up and coming South Wharf precinct and the tapas tasted good with a cold beer and all, but I was simply really disappointed with my dish. 6/10

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