Meatball & Wine Bar

Meatball & Wine Bar
135 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9654 7545

I just couldn’t resist the titillating tweets Meatball & Wine Bar went on about its balls, so one day, I grabbed Dr. Ben, Mrs Hotguns and Hubby to Meatball & Wine Bar.  This space used to be Breadwell… I wonder where they are now.  I used to love having lunch there.

The menu is quite simple and easy to understand.  You either get balls & sauce $14, which is where you get 3 meatballs w/ sauce; balls & all $18, which is meatballs + sauce + beans/ pasta/polenta/mash potato; or you can get a meatball slider (one ball) $15 for 3; or Heros $14 for one subway-like meatball sub.  Other than the usual salt and pepper, there’s a bottle of chilli oil, which made Hubby and I perked up considerably. By the way, the meatballs are gluten free (justdon’t eat the bread!).

But first of all, appetitser time!  We decided to share the burata $16.5 which comes with bread.  There wasn’t enough bread, but the waitress kindly gave us bottomless breads! NOM.  The burata was absolutely awesome, it was so creamy.  I reckon I could go back just for this.

BALLS BALLS BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all got Balls & All.  I got pork, fennel, sage & orange w green salsa verde sauce and homemade pasta.  The pasta was silky and cooked to perfection.  The pork balls are a bit dry and crumbly, but on the positive side I quite like the mild orange zing incoporated into the ball.  Sadly there was too little green sauce, so hubby and I pour a shitload of chilli oil onto our balls. (LOL that sounded ouch!)

Hubby also liked his Angus beef balls, although he complained that the portion size is too small and there wasn’t enough sauce.  Admittedly, they are the biggest problems we have with Meatball & Wine Bar: portion size and not enough sauce.

Mrs Hotguns ordered fish balls w red sauce & pasta and she thought the fish balls were quite good too, but once again it was quite crumbly and dry.  Perhaps more sauce would be better.

We also got some sides with our balls.  Our Broccoli and Salad Caprese are $8 each.  The broccoli was a bit bland- once again we had to put a lot of chilli oil on it.

The caprese salad was better, but for $8, surely they could put more basil and buffalo mozzarella on it!

Dessert Time!  They don’t have much in the dessert department, only Whoopie Macs $11.5, which is a gigantic macaron with icecream in between it.  The cool thing is you can mix and match different flavoured macarons with the different flavoured icecream.  The macaron flavours included: coffee, chocolate, pistachio and berry and the icecream flavours included: burnt orange, coffee, chocolate and vanilla.

I & Mrs HotGuns ordered the chocolate mac with coffee icecream, whereas hubby ordered the coffee mac with chocolate icecream.  Confused yet??

Dr Ben ordered pistachio mac with Cherry icecream.

We all decided our macs were too stodgy.  There was no crunchiness then chewiness when you bite into the mac.  It was just doughy and chewy.  Yuck.  Our chocolate mac & coffee icecream was worse.  Somehow, the whole combination tasted like Maggi Sauce, which is a brand of salty soy sauce.  WTF?!?!?!?! *&%*^$!!!!  We stopped eating 1/3 of the way through.

Dr Ben’s pistachio mac tasted a bit better but he wasn’t impressed with the texture and cherry icecream either.

Overall, we are very disappointed with our desserts, a bit disappointed with our mains and generally impressed by the burrata.

For a place who tantilised me into paying them a visit, it was like all talk and no action, and left me and my ball buddies with some serious blue balls.  5.5/10

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