The Sharing House- Reloaded!

The Sharing House
35 Dukes Walk, South Wharf
03 9245 9800

P.Mummy came over for a visit a few weeks ago to watch an Asian superstar’s concert at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.  A few years ago, I would have racked my brain to try and think about where to eat.  But now, with some many options in South Wharf it’s easy- I decided on The Sharing House.

I have previously visited The Sharing House before, and was super impressed by it, so there’s no question where to bring my food loving, sharing plate obsessed P.Mummy.

Because this is my second time, I wanted to order something different, so I can say I’ve tried most things in The Sharing House.  P.Mummy get a say of course 😉  But she was confident with my choices.  Once we have ordered, a loaf of freshly baked bread was presented to us.  My bread-loving mum was in heaven.  The bread was warm, crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside, I think we finished most of it between the two of us.  Good quality oil was given for dipping, but I kinda wish there is butter too.

Our oyster appetisers arrived.  At $4.5 each, my first oyster was not super fresh but the second one was very fresh.  P.Mummy loved hers though and have no problems with it.

Our next course was Fish Fingers $14.  OMG.  It certainly wasn’t what we expected.  This is not the run of the mill Fish Fingers.  The Sharing House Fish Fingers  included the freshest fish, wrapped in a super thin sourdough bread, deep fried but not oily, served with a side of Marie Rose Sauce.  It was FRIGGING Awesome.

P.Mummy loves curries so upon seeing Kedgeree $17, she had to have it.  I have no idea what Kedgeree is, but apparently it’s cooked flaked fish with rice.  The Sharing House version is with Smoked Haddock Risotto, Curry Jelly and Quail’s eggs.  P.Mummy must have seen curry and not looked at anything else.  Because she kept asking “where is the curry!?” When I poked a jelly towards her and said “THIS IS IT!” she’s like “HUH?”  Nevertheless, we quite like this dish.  It has really nice, subtle flavours, then occasionally, when you least expected it, you get a bit of curry jelly and a flavour boost.

Last time when I visited, I didn’t get to try the scampi mac n cheese $22.  I was dying to try it this time and persisted even when P.Mummy wasn’t so sure.  Well, she most certainly did not complain after taking the first bite!  It doesn’t look as if there is a lot of scampis at first glance but they are just hidden underneath.  The scampi was fresh and cooked to perfection and the sauce which absorbs the seafood flavours of the scampi worked really really well with the mac n cheese.  I know I am lactose intolerant, but this is certainly one dish I would happily suffer tummy problems just to eat it 😛

The one thing I did reorder was the mushroom salad $8.  P.Mummy loved mushroom and so do I and it provides a yumminess and vital nutrition 😉

Dessert time!  Because I was on my iPhone I couldn’t take a nicer picture, but this is the creme brulee $16 (Serves 2).  We debated about what to have for dessert, but P.Mummy loves Creme Brulee and she is only staying for the weekend, so I relented.  I originally wanted to order that wonderful apple pie Ness had last time, but, I need to put mum first I suppose.

I am not too sure what it meant by “Serves 2” in the Chef’s eyes… Serves two giants?!?!?!  The creme brulee was HUGE and that biscotti was LONG- it was longer than my hand!  Like everything else, the creme brulee was delicious.  Both creme brulee and biscotti had this citrusy flavour that lifts the otherwise really rich and creamy combination.  We were extremely full by then and I probably had 1/4.  P.Mummy loved it so much that she had a bit more than half and she almost had to rolled out of the joint.  LOL.
And this time, I would happily give The Sharing House 8/10.  It’s fast becoming my favourite food places in Melbourne.

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