The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room
Crown Casino, 8 Whiteman St, South Bank
03 8679 1800

It was my friend CC’s Hen’s night and what do the hen’s normally do? Ahem… High tea of course. We were at the casino, Prada bag shopping (I know, classy!) when we decided to take a break and grab a bite to eat.  The Waiting Room was just there so we decided to check it out.

We decided to sit inside and it looked like a very classy but quite dimly lit tea room.  Our waitress was quite friendly but she talks to fast!  She rattled off a few things in the food and beverage list and left us to our own devices.

We heard good things about The Waiting Room’s High Tea, so the three of us decided to share the $49 High Tea set, which includes tea or coffee.

The girls ordered coffees while I had a fresh peppermint tea.  The peppermint tea was very refreshing and it’s great to have it with the high tea.  At some point in time, the waitress came around to refill my tea, noticed that the peppermint leaves looked quite wilted by that time and offered to replace it with fresh mint leaves, free-of-charge.

We started off with the cheesy twists and parmesan biscuit.  It was pretty yummy.  We even managed to cut everything in threes so we could try everything 🙂

Our second tier were sandwiches.  The sandwiches ain’t too shabby, but there is nothing mind blowing about thin smear of filling with soft fresh bread.  The fillings include chicken & walnut, egg & caviar, cucumber & chive butter and smoke salmon & cream cheese.

The last tier was the sweets.  I don’t like the sweets much, it was just too sweet for my palette.  We got some 100s & 1000s eclairs and I was thinking, seriously? 100s & 1000s?  What are we, at a children’s party?

Next to it was the fruit tart and meringue.  I don’t do fruit tarts and meringues so I couldn’t comment on those.  The chocolate and peanut tart next to it perked up my interests and it was not too bad.  The cake was the passionfruit sponge cake thing.

The scones though, was pretty good.  I mean, it would be FANTASTIC if the scones could be kept warm.  I was itching to start with the scones but I didn’t want to appear rude, so I didn’t even know whether it was hot in the first place.  Anyway, by the time we got to it, it was cold and a bit stodgey.  I love the orange peel that was integrated into the scones, it would have been perfect if it was warm.  It was one of the best dish they have in the tea set and I am still dreaming about it.

Overall, it was an OK experience.  The waitress was quite alright but the food wasn’t fantastic for the money we paid.  6/10

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