Crust Pizza

Crust Pizza
350 Smith Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne
03 9095 0955

After an exhausting day, hubby hated washing up, so sometimes, I let him order pizza.:P I am not a huge fan of fast food pizza, but I concluded the Crust is borderline fast food but slightly gourmet, so as a food snob, having it occasionally is fine 😉

I must confess we used to be big fans of Crust ages ago, when they had a Pesto scallop pizza.  Sadly, years ago they stop serving that and I was no longer interested in Crust.  I have tried their really dry variety of chicken breast pizzas which always ends in disappointment.  Since I hate prawns (hence no mariana), felt that Peking Duck pizza is just weird and pork belly ones are too fatty, I almost resigned to the fact that the chicken or vego pizza would be the only pizzas I could get from them.

Then I came across their make your own menu, and the world became a happier place again- you can choose SCALLOPS only for your pizza!  WOOT!

So here is my made your own pizza choice:-

  • garlic base
  • scallops
  • asparagus
  • mozzarella
  • bocconcini
  • Jalapeno
  • wild mushrooms
  • Peri Peri sauce

Ta da!!!!

Make your own pizza generally costs slightly more than your average pizza, so mine costs $24.  Was it worth it?  Well, here is the thing.

When I rang up to order delivery, Crust said it would take “around an hour” to deliver.  1hr10 mins later still no pizza.  I rang them and they said the delivery guy left half an hour ago.  Surely it doesn’t take that long to drive from Fitzroy to CBD?  Then when I call them again another 15 mins later, stating that it was almost 1.5 hrs and still no pizza, the guy on the phone argued that I only called 30 mins ago =_= WTF?!  He finally corrected himself, apologised and said they should be on their way.  I asked him why does it take too long and he said “It’s just one of those nights.” =_= Grrrrrr

Anyway, the taste.  Well.  It WOULD have tasted good if it was hot.  Because the pizza was lukewarm, the crust was a bit hard and chewy.  I had to throw away half of my base.  The scallops are nicely cooked and fairly fresh, the asparagus (bar one) was tender and still crunchy.  The garlic base was overpowering but hubby who loves garlic loves it.

Given the sub par service and the pizza being cold, I would give tonight’s experience a 6/10.

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