E.C. Pot

EC Pot
200 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
03 9663 8319

We have been to EC Pot a number of times and Hubby loved its set menu and I love the hot pot rice.  Sadly, one night I decided to be healthier and ordered stir fried vegies with garlic, less salt and less oil.  I know what they put a lot of salt and oil in the stir fry veg to make it that tasty.

Imagine my disappointment when the cook yelled out sacarstically “OH RIGHT… less salt and oil… and extra MSG!”  It was that terrible attitude that made me refused to go to them for the next year and a half.

This night however, it was raining and cold, and we didn’t want to venture too far away from work to grab something to eat, so we decided to go to EC Pot again.

Hubby ordered his favourite, chicken and sweet corn soup, which was a bit gluggy.  Hubby reminences the chicken and sweet corn soup I made for him from scratch- this is nowhere near what I made.  Must make him some more soon 😉

I ordered a hot pot rice and hubby ordered his usual set menu, which is an XO sauce with beef on rice, with a drink and appetiser included.  His rice and drink came very quickly, with my hot pot rice nowhere in sight.  They did warn me that it will take 20 mins, but I didn’t realise they would give hubby his dinner first.  I quickly realigned my expectations, because clearly, this is not a high end restaurant and I shouldn’t expect so much.  But 10 mins in, I overheard that they cooked the wrong thing for me and had to redo it again.  What is also unacceptable is that hubby’s appetiser never appeared.

Anyway my hot pot rice finally came, which is a pork and squid glutinuous rice hot pot.  I imagined that there would be fresh squid incorporated in the pork mince, but unfrotunately as you can see, the squid are dry and inedible.

Overall it was quite a disappointing meal.  I have tried their chicken and Chinese sausage on glutinuous rice and it was quite good… this was nothing as good as this.  3/10

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