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One of our colleagues is German and he kept talking about the Hofbräuhaus in Munich and said how great it is over there during Oktoberfest.  He obviously missed Germany and also kept mentioning about Hofbräuhaus in Melbourne, so we decided to go there one lunch time for a meat and beef fest.

Hofbräuhaus is situated on the laneway that housed Hutong and Flower Drum.  Recently renovated, it had a beer hall upstairs which is spacious with long benches suitable for big groups.  My colleague couldn’t stop talking about the Pork Knuckle, which is $34.50.  The four of us decided to share that, as well as two lunch specials, which is $15 each with a glass of wine/soft drinks/juice.

First came the huge ass pork knuckle.  Decorated with potato dumplings, sauerkraut and beer pork juice.  Our German friend told us that the proper way to prepare a pork knuckle is to marinate the pork knuckle for a week then cook it.  I am not too sure whether that’s true or not, but that sounded pretty awesome.

Our German friend kindly chop the Pig Knuckle for us and distributed it to everyone.  OMG this knuckle was huge.  The meat was very tender, however the pork smelt a bit too porky for my liking and the pork crackling was chewy.  The German guy admitted that for a 10/10 pork knuckle, the skin would have been crispy.

The potato dumpling was a bit stodgey for my liking, although the sauerkraut was quite good and wasn’t too salty.

The chicken schnitzel was apparently tiny compared to Germany’s but what I wasn’t impressed about was that the batter was falling off from the schnitzel.  What WAS good was the mash and garlic-herb mayo.  Yum.

We also  had the sausage with potato salad and mustard.  I quite like the sausages actually, especially there is a variety of sausages to try.

One thing I wanted to gripe about was that I accidentally spilled my Lemon Lime Bitters helping the waitress cleared the plates.  I asked on Twitter whether restaurants should give me another drink- the consensus was yes, especially when it was only LLB.  But nope, these guys didn’t replace my drink.  No hard feelings but it would be really nice and I would be really impressed if they did.

Overall, we all agreed that Hofbräuhaus in Melbourne wasn’t as yummy as hoped.  The lunch specials were not a bad deal, $15 each, but don’t expect great service or fabulous food.  5.5/10

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