The Hardware Sociéte

The Hardware Sociéte
118-120 Hardware St, Melbourne
03 9078 5992

After CC’s wild hen’s night (did I say “wild”? I mean… we only have high tea with the girls right?  Not very wild at all 😉 ), we reconvened and had brunch together.  We waited for like, 40 mins and was dead hungry by the time we got seated.  Thankfully our coffee arrived real quick!  I had my favourite- soy mocha.  I am not too sure why people keep saying that the coffee at Hardware is not great.  I love my soy mocha with this thick melted chocolate… and CC loved her coffee she ordered.  Oh well, each to their own I guess.

I ordered this beautiful brioche with poached eggs.  The brioche bun was so buttery and yumgasmic, yet light enough that you don’t feel everything has just sunk like a brick to the bottom of your belly.  The accompanying vegies were fresh and beautifully cooked, it was pretty much the prefect breakfast for me.

CC had this gorgeous Croque Madame I recommended.  I think I have only had it once because it was so filling, but it was yumgasmic.  I guess if you have a like-minded person who wouldn’t mind sharing it’s not too bad.

PT got poached eggs like mine, but instead of trout, she got rilettes and potatoes.  I think I am still happier with mine ^^.  Hubby has his usual fried eggs…. boring! 😛  Well, not really- Come On!  This is The Hardware Societe!

I cleverly managed to convince everyone to share a “dessert” with me, which is the special fried brioche of pineapple and pistachios.  By sharing, we got one perfect square each that was just right- A bite of juicy sweet pineapple with buttery brioche send me straight to heaven.

Once again the awesome breakfast was well worth the wait.  I would order the brioches (savoury and sweet!) any day!  9/10

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