Don Too (Ramen)

Don Too Ramen
330 Little Lonsdale St Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9670 7113

Don Too (Ramen) only opens at night. By day, it’s a bento shop and by night, it turns into a ramen joint. Pretty nifty idea, hey?

Don Too ramen has been my favorite ramen place in Melbourne, although I must say I don’t visit as much as I wanted to. Last time I visited was probably a whole year ago! Anyway, I decided to visit just before our trip to the US of A.

I often wrinkle my nose at people who open Japanese places but are not Japanese. Don Too Ramen is one of the exception. I think they are run by Singaporeans but I do love their ramens, my favorites being Arari Ramen with Pipis ($11.9) and (ahem) King Prawn Laksa Ramen ($13.8). I know I know, it’s not really traditional Japanese ramen, but it’s yummy- trust me!

This time I also spotted a new thing: deep fried chicken ($5.9)! So of course anything that’s deep fried sounds too good to resist so we had to try it too. The verdict? Deep fried crunchy goodness with juicy chicken inside. Oh my god I love it. One thing to be aware of though, I wasn’t too sure how they chop the chicken but there are splintered bones in the batch of chicken I had, it was lucky I didn’t break any teeth eating it.

Our laksa ramen always comes with a giant King Prawn. Sadly this time the prawn wasn’t as fresh as our previous visits.

Their soup base is still incredibly yummy and rich and their firebomb chilli paste (this time a jar was offered so you can take as much as you like) adds a huge kick of heat to the soup.

Their noodles, apparently freshly homemade was bouncy and slightly chewy in a good way.

Overall I still love Don Too ramen, although the King Prawn are no longer as fresh as we liked. 7/10

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