Virginia Plain

Virginia Plain
31 Flinders Lane Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9290 0400

After hearing a few negative reviews about Virginia Plain, I was feeling slightly apprehensive about going there for dinner with a group of friends.  But, it’s a new restaurant and I was dying to try it, so I took the plunge and book it for a big group of 6.

Walking into the dining room of Virginia Plain felt incredibly sexy.  Maybe it’s the dark woody tones or the high, cavernous ceiling, or maybe it’s the sexy bar lined with drinks… Either way this place feels hawt hawt hawt.

We decided that Friday night

We decided that Friday night meant bring on the cocktails and wine!  But wait.  There is no cocktail list.  Fear not though, as this is deliberate.  One of the friendly bar staff came by, asked for our preferences and make us a cocktail to our liking.  Very very posh and we like that.  Sadly, they don’t have any of the exotic liqueur like yuzu, but the cocktail man still managed to make a mean citrusy, not too sweet cocktail for me.

Yummy bread was served to whet our appetites before the real deal arrives, and we decided to let Virginia Plain serve what it thought was the best for the day, telling them to “Bring it On” : 4 courses for $55.

Who said that eggs should only be served at breakfast? Our first course was a slow poached egg with specks of pancetta and a crispy bread to dip into the perfectly cooked yolk.  The egg itself was not as good as the 65/65 egg at Cumulus Inc but it’s still pretty darn good.

Our next dish was a cod dish with seafood bisque.  Our friend Em didn’t really like fishy stuff so she got an artichoke salad instead.  Sorry Em I still think mine is better ;p.  The fish was beautifully cooked and the seafood bisque just tasted fantastic.  I used the bread to mop all the sauces from my dish.  Mmmm…

The last savory dish was a pork dish.  My phone camera is playing up (as you can see from the previous pics :() so I didn’t take a picture of this dish, but it was beautiful.  The pork dish consisted of pork belly, a pork loin and a crackling with apple sauce.  My dish, for some reason didn’t have the crackling!  Humph!  I think Ness kindly donated some of her crackling to me- it wasn’t that great anyway, it was a bit chewy.

Every time we have pork belly, we couldn’t help but compare it with the king of pork bellies, Red Spice Road.  Ying, our other fellow foodie conceded that the pork belly at Virginia Plain was better.  It has a nice balance of flavour while the Red Spice Road ones were too sweet.  The pork loin was also very tender, but the pork belly was the true star of this dish.

The pork dish has pretty much pushed us over the edge but we can always make room for dessert!  Thankfully the dessert wasn’t huge.  Inside the cup were bananas and a toffee trifle-like dessert.  Although it sounded like a rich dish, it was a pretty light dessert.  I don’t even like toffee normally but this was delicious.

Overall I must say we were very impressed with what we ate in Virginia Plain.  The service was laid back but friendly, which sends a great vibe to the whole restaurant.  I will definitely be back.  8.5/10

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