Red Spice Road QV

Red Spice Road QV
31-37 Artemis Lane Map.742c412
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 8660 6300

The second Red Spice Road opened in QV not long ago where Duck Duck Goose used to be.  The original Red Spice Road in McKillop St was one of my favourite lunch or dinner spot for a special occasion that won’t put the huge dent to my wallet.   Their $25 lunch and early bird dinner banquet menu provides both quality and quantity which ensured that I went back again and again.  Imagine my excitement when I realised that they are opening a Red Spice Road in my ‘hood.

I didI didI did

I did some quick research before I go, and it seemed as if the menu looked pretty much the same as Red Spice Road on McKillop St. The decor though, was vastly different. Where Red Spice Road McKillop was dark, with huge share tables and not much privacy, Red Spice Road QV has tables in clusters and the room is bright and airy. We all agreed that although the decor in Red Spice Road McKillop was nicer, the QV one is more intimate and patrons can have a private conversation without screaming at each other.

We managed to miss the early bird specials so decided to order from the normal menu.  I haven’t actually tried the normal menu before, so it was pretty exciting.  We ordered several plates to share.  ShoeQueen ordered Kingfish salad with a kick of chilli $35.  Although the Kingfish was fresh, the salad tasted a bit too herby for my liking.

I chose Soft Shell Crab stir-fried with Snake Beans, Wild Ginger, Basil and Black Pepper Sauce $34.  I love this dish, but 2 soft shell crab is sooooo not enough for 6!  I could eat one whole soft shell crab by myself cos it was so yummy.  This dish was fantastic with rice too and I think I ate more rice than I intended to.  Ooooppppssss

Hubby chose Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder with Green Mango Salad and Nam Jim $48.  The lamb itself was fantastic.  It was so tender that the meat simply fell off the bone.  It was so big that even 2 boys and myself (ShoeQueen is a pescatarian) could not finish this.  The salad though, was quite disappointing.  Once again the flavours were simply not balanced, this time being too sour.

Dessert time!  The four of us decided to share two desserts.  I ordered Lychee Filled Jam Doughnuts with Cinnamon Ice-Cream $14.  I asked our waitress what “Lychee filled” meant.  Does it mean there are pieces of lychee inside or it’s mushed up?  I am not a big fan of canned lychee but I thought if it’s mashed up it might taste better.  The waitress said it’s mashed up so I ordered it.  Unfortunately it wasn’t mashed up.  It wasn’t even “lychee filled”.  One piece of canned lychee nestled underneath each of the cinnamon icecream.  :/ The doughnut was awful too.  They must have pre-fried it because it was hard as a rock with nothing inside it.  It was a HUGE FAIL.

The Black Sticky Rice with Mango and Toasted Coconut $14 ShoeQueen ordered was pretty bad too.  It was too watery and flavourless.  It needed more sugar also.  I find it really hard to screw black sticky rice up but there you go.  We left more than 2/3 of the bowl unfinished.

Overall, it was obvious that the dessert needed a hell lot of work.  The mains weren’t too bad, but I would probably only go back for the $25 special banquets going forward.  6/10

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