Shucked Coffee House

Shucked Coffee House
9 Creswell Street, Newstead, QLD 4006
07 3257 4567

Hello from sunny Queensland! Last weekend I went to Suvin’s wedding up in Brisbane and stayed with my bestie Monkylicious. The gorgeous Monkylicious managed to take me to several yummlicious places in Brisbane. Brisbane has changed so much- there are so many eateries popping up and there seemed to be a theme there… all the places are quite grungy and hippy with reclaimed furniture and the restaurant situated in a house or garage…Is that a Queensland trend? Then again  maybe that says something about Monkylicious! Muahahahahahahha

First cab off the rank, we went to Shucked Coffee House. Situated in a narrow street and nestled within a few auto repair shop 15 mins away from the city, it was the last place I would expect a place serving breakfast.

I have an aversion to coffee at the moment so I can’t say anything about the coffee there, but the ice tea was quite nice. I chose the lemon myrtle and mint ice tea $6 and Monkylicious had the strawberry ice tea $6. Yum

We got to Shucked at about 10am and we ordered pretty quickly as Suvin’s wedding was at 11:30am. We waited and waited and waited for our food and we were both getting impatient and hungry, not to mention at about 10:35am I am running a bit late. We saw plates and plates of food wafting past us. Finally I flagged down our friendly waitress to enquire about our breakfast and thankfully it came shortly after that, although I suspected that our ordered as been forgotten 😦

I ordered French Kiss ($18) which is a brioche with maple bacon, caramelised banana and toffee macadamia. Ever since I went to America I kinda got addicted to the salty sweetness flavour and this is no exception. Alas the brioche was quite doughy but I must say that was my only complaint.

Monkylicious ordered the Hari Hash Cakes ($17) plus chorizo ($3) and mushroom ($3). The hashcakes was served with a perfect egg. It would have been perfect, but we both found the whole dish too sweet. There was a dollop of caramelised onion jam on top of the egg, but there was also something sitting below the hashcakes which was incredibly sweet.

Overall, with the slow service and improvements needed for both dishes, I give Shucked Coffee House 7/10

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