Taro’s Ramen

Taro’s Ramen & Café
363 Adelaide St Brisbane, QLD 4000
07 3832 6358

Life is soooooo unfair. I used to live across the road from Taro’s Ramen and Cafe. Back then it was a rundown cafe rather than one of the best ramen in Brisbane city. 6 years after I left Brisbane to live my life in Melbourne, up pop this ramen joint. I wanted to try it during Christmas last year, but they were closed for a whole month. This time, I seized the opportunity to try Taro’s Ramen.

What’s so special about Taro’s Ramen? You must wonder. Well first of all as the name suggests, the owner is called Taro and I love Taro (the vegetable). All jokes aside he makes his own ramen, his own soup stock (16 hrs for pork soup for one), sometimes he even experiment with different ingredients like truffle and concentrated prawn bisque.

We started off with pan fried gyoza. The gyoza wrapping was thin and silky- just what a perfect gyoza wrapping should be like. There is a nice balance of vegies and meat in the gyoza, and with the vinegar and chilli oil dipping sauce (ok we did add the chilli oil ourselves), it was nearly as perfect as the gyozas in Kyoto.

Next up, Monkylicious tried their special cold ramen noodle served with prawn bisque and cream on the side. The ramen noodles were the curly ones Monkylicious love and the ramen was cooked to perfection. Monkylicious ordered extra eggs and it was perfectly cooked. Monkylicious was not 100% how to eat this- dip the ramen with soup or pour the soup in? She eventually poured the soup in, although I thought you should dip it. Either way the soup was sensational.

Monkylicious recommended the Fire Tonkotsu Ramen for me, which was supposed to be super spicy, but to be honest, it wasn’t that spicy at all. I didn’t even break a sweat. That being said the soup base was so yumgasmic I didn’t even care. As previously mentioned Taro cooked the Tonkotsu (pork) soup base with lotsa pork bones for 16 hours. The noodles are not the curly ones which I liked, but it was still yummy nonetheless.

Overall, Taro’s ramen is certainly one of the best ramen in Brisbane City, even Melbourne City if I dare say so. A must have if you visit Brisbane 8.5/10.

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