Alfred and Constance

Alfred and Constance
Corner of Alfred & Constance Streets, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
07 3257 7410

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The Brisbane Dining scene has hawted up since I left 8 years ago, with a lot of fantastic cafes and restaurants popping up everywhere. One that’s worth mentioning is Alfred and Constance, situated in the corner of- you guessed it- Alfred and Constance Streets in Fortitude Valley. Alfred and Constance (or A&C) is best described as a Gastro-ish-pub. It is made up of two Queenlander-style houses, with a deck built in between it. On the deck there are dining tables, as well as a kitchen that serves amazing food.

IMG_4042 [640x480]In my time there I didn’t manage to visit both houses as I was running for my flight, but the house that I did went into was best discribed as hipster-laidback-cool. Reclaimed furniture and decorations dotted around the space, people lounge around big finger couch sipping cocktails under giant deer heads. From what I gather the other house is very dark and moody, like a gentleman’s cigar lounge.

IMG_4045 [640x480]We first got our drinks from the hipster-laidback-cool house and can I declare, the drinks are super healthy *cough* with a dose of alcohol*cough*. I chose Run Faster $18, a cocktail made with carrot, strawberries, basil, rum and pink grapefruit and Monkylicious chose a non-alcoholic Push Through as she was driving me to the airport.

IMG_4044 [640x480]IMG_4053 [640x480]IMG_4054 [640x480]Given that it was quite a sunny day we decided to sit on the deck next to the roasted piggy, then of course, looking at it makes me wanna order roast piggy! $29 for 250g, the roast piggy comes with soft white rolls, wood roasted vegies, roasted garlic, crackling and gravy. The roast piggy was juicy and tender, marinated and cooked perfectly. The only downside was that the crackling was not crispy at all, but was actually still surprising delicious even though I felt a bit let down by the non-crispyness of it.

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We also ordered chorizo scotched egg, and as you can see here it’s perfectly perfectly cooked with a gooey centre. Oh my noms.

IMG_4050 [640x480]We certainly did order too much because out comes a salad $16- beetroot with orange and pomegranate. I am not a huge fan of beetroot but it does taste great and the flavours were well-balanced.

I would most definitely recommend Alfred and Constance to anyone visiting Brisbane. 8/10

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