Piggy in San Francisco!

After a very long 14.5 hr flight, a two hour delay and another hour flight, we finally arrived in San Francisco. When I did my research, I realized the hotels in San Francisco are not cheap, and even if you pay over $200 the rooms still looked shabby and old. So I decided to turn to Airbnb.com. I thought I found a great little apartment, but when I told my distant relatives and friends in SF where I was staying, they had this incredulous look on their faces and one even told me to call them if I have any problems. What problems? I wonder. We arrived with a homeless man lying on our stoop who told us he’s ok, just a bit cold…. Hrm… Okies, not that we asked or anything.

That being said, really, the apartment itself and the bed is pretty good. The host was super communicative and accommodating- he even gave us a bottle of wine!  It really needs double glazed windows and maybe security to make it awesome. Sadly we went in the middle of baseball season and I think the Giants are in the finals, not to mention Halloween weekend and our side of town went nuts well into the middle of the night till early in the morning. The location is central enough where you can walk or take a short bus trip to the shopping area or bus it to Fisherman’s wharf.

To relieve our cramped muscles from all the horrible traveling, I booked us into Kabuki Spa– Wednesday is ladies day for the bathing area so I booked hubby to a 1.5 hr massage while I had a half hour bathing session, half hour scrub and half hour massage. In hindsight, I should have just gotten the massage, because it was heaven. In actual fact I think it was the best massage I ever had for like, ever.  I think the masseur’s name was Sekani.  The bathing session was a bit weird. I thought Kabuki spa is Japanese but there was a giant bowl of salt and people use the salt scrub in the steam room and the baths without rinsing, so the bath and steam room has granules of salt. Yuck.  The water in the heated pool was also not very warm and the sauna wasn’t hot enough either.

Anyhow, on our first night we had dinner with relatives and they took us to Ghirardelli Square for seafood at McCormick and Kuleto’s Seafood Restaurant. We were a bit too polite to take photos so sorry about the non-picture filled blog!

We had some oysters, salt n pepper calamari, crab cakes, lobster bisque and clam chowder as appetizers (shared, of course!)

We got some kumoto oysters which are small but creamy. We also had another variety but I couldn’t remember the name and liked those less. The salt n pepper calamari was quite dry and tough, although the seasoning wasn’t too bad. The crab cakes were quite nice and light.

We were not very familiar with the soups in US… Are they always gluggy? The clam chowder look as if the restaurant just opened a canned soup and dump it into the bowl and heat it up without adding water. Not a big fan. The lobster bisque was better-but hubby and I both agreed that either the lobster in US is more rubbery or they didn’t cook it properly. It doesn’t have the sweetness of Australian lobster either.

I also ordered a spaghetti vongole- for some reason they called mains “entree” in US so I didn’t realize I am getting a huge ass spaghetti dish. The spaghetti vongole was a bit tasteless. Hubby had a scampi pasta and once again, there’s an obvious language barrier as “scampi” in US probably meant big prawns and not, you know, scampi in Australia, so he thought his dish tasted ok but not what he expected.

Overall, we thought the meal was ok, as one of the foodie capital of US, we were a bit disappointed. 5/10

Our relatives also kindly drove past the Golden Gate Bridge and drove up to Twin Peaks to look at the beautiful night scene.  Unfortunately feeling the full effects of the lack of sleep for more than 30 hrs I didn’t really fully appreciate the view… I just wanted to crawl under the covers and zzzzz 😛  But that concludes our adventure for day one of our US of A Trip 🙂

Up next…San Francisco Food Truck!

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