Piggy’s Tucks into the SF Food Trucks

Apparently the Food Truck scene is huge in San Francisco, so on Thursday, we decided to check out the food truck scene in Civic Centre/ Union Square.  According to the schedule from Off The Grid, the guys behind this whole food truck movement, there were supposed to be 6 food trucks at Union Square and normally on Thursdays (last time I checked) the famous Chairman Bao truck would be in Union Square.  Unfortunately I didn’t check on that day, because there’s only 4 food trucks and none of them are Chairman Bao’s.  Dammit.  I was at lost as to what I should eat.
In haste (and hunger) I picked the Filipino food truck, Hapa SF, thinking I might try something a bit different.  Hubby took his sweet time, and eventually settled for Adam’s Grub Truck , which sells burgers. Boring and typical, I thought.
Without any pictures, I blindly pick a chicken dish, Chicken Adobo, which turned out to be a dish like soy chicken ($7).  Shyt.  Look who is a boring and typical Asian now.  It’s seriously tasted like bloody soy chicken only saltier and with a squeeze of lemon and chilli sauce.  I mean the organic chicken was tender and the texture was fantastic, it just that I didn’t come all the way to eat really salty soy chicken.
I later looked at Wikipedia to see what Chicken Adobo was.  Adobo sauce is a marinade made with vinegar, garlic and most of the time, soy sauce.  I couldn’t taste any vinegar nor garlic in this dish.  Although Hapa SF claimed to provide modern casual Filipino cuisine, I wasn’t sure why they “modernise” it to make it a really salty Chinese dish?
Hubby on the other hand, got this friggin fantastic looking BRIOCHE bun burger, with SOFT SHELL CRAB, fried egg and fresh salad with mayo.  I have to yell in caps cos I was INSANELY JEALOUS.  IN-FUCKING-SANELY JEALOUS GAWDDAMMIT.

Hubby kindly gave me a few bites of his burger ($14) and it was sensational.  The brioche bun was soft and buttery and the soft shell crab was meaty and crunchy.  The only issue (which is a non-issue I am sure to a lot of people) was that the soft shell crab was marinated with this really gingery sauce and I don’t like ginger that much.  Nevertheless It was still very yummy.  For those of you interested, this burger is called the Kraken from Adam’s Grub Truck.  I was seriously tempted to throw away my stupid chicken and line up again to get the Kraken.

I wished I didn’t make such a snap decision to have the Filipino food- Still regretting it.

Hapa SF- 5/10

Adam’s Grub Truck- 8/10

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