Piggy on a Segway and eating at Scomas

After the food truck debacle, we went to Ferry Plaza to look at the markets.  There, we found a heap load of other food stalls which looked wayyyy better than the food truck I visited.  I am obviously a bit annoyed about that cos I was a bit full, but we vowed to go back here on Saturday.  We then walked up to Chinatown- yes, it’s very Asian of us to want to visit Chinatown.
There was a heap load of people in Chinatown and a lot of shops selling Asian soft porn magazines.  Hrmmm…
After all the walking we have done hubby pretty much collapsed into bed when we got back to the apartment and refused to have an early dinner at the famous Scomas before our Segway tour run by City Segway Tour.

He did eventually managed to wake up for the night Segway tour near Fisherman’s Wharf.  It was our first time on a Segway but it was so intuitive and fun.  You don’t really travel that far on a Segway, we went around the bay area and by the end of the three hour tour all the standing does get tiring.

We did do some really thrilling full speed throttle down a pier and experienced some rolling hills of San Francisco, although hubby told me I drove the Segway like a grandma.  Whatever, safety first peoples!

Anyway, after the Segway tour we actually got to go to Scomas, at bloody 9pm at night.  Scomas is like an institution of San Francisco, having been there since the 50s, the decor looked like an old fashion French bistro too.  Although it was 9pm already, the place is still quite packed.  You practically had to shimmy to your table and the back of your chair is touching the back of another diner’s chair.
Hubby ordered a Filet Mignon and Lobster $70.  Although the serving was large, hubby did not felt that it’s worth $70.  Once again the US Lobster was quite firm with a texture like prawns.  I think he vowed from now on he will try to avoid US Lobsters as much as he could 😛  The filet mignon was good but not sensational, although Hubby did use a bit of the melted butter to make it taste better.
I ordered a Lobster Ravioli $30.  Mine was average also- it could do with more seasoning although the pasta was cooked quite nicely- slightly al dente.

Overall we weren’t very impressed with our meals at Scomas. It might be an “institution” and all the tourist around the world visited, but being famous for the sake of being famous never impressed us. 6/10

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