Swan Oyster Depot

IMG_7200 [640x480]IMG_7199 [640x480]“Wake up! WAKE UP! Omg it’s past 11 already!” I yelled at my poor hubby, “there’s gonna be a line at Swan Oyster Depot!!!!”
We rushed to Swan Oyster Depot and alas, there was a bloody line by the time we got there, by 11:45am. &%$@#!!!!!  We waited, patiently at first, then got increasingly irritated from hunger.

IMG_7202 [640x480]IMG_7203 [640x480]There was a cabinet full of fresh seafood just lying there, titillating us.  We waited more than an hour and at one point in time I almost grabbed one of the couples from their stools and chuck them out because they are taking their sweet time drinking wine and not eating much.

Note to my audience: Never get between me and my food when I am hungry.

IMG_7204 [640x480]We sat down and hungrily agreed to have bread $1 each.  Just bring it, I am hungry.
IMG_7206 [640x480]We then started off with a dozen oysters, a mixture of Miygi, Kumamoto and Blue Point oyster.  These oysters are fresher than the ones we had the first night at McCormick and Kuleto’s Seafood Restaurant.  I think I still like the Kumamoto the best.  These oysters came with a variety of sauces you can use, including some housemade chilli sauce, seafood sauce, and some superhawt horseradish.
IMG_7208 [640x480]
Then we decided to have the sea urchin.  We only tried freshly opened sea urchin once- in Jamon Sushi South Yarra and the taste was ingrained to my brain forever.  We saw that they have unopened sea urchin here and we decided to try it.
IMG_7210 [640x480]Oh my god it has the same yummy, fragrant flavour here.  Even now, looking at the picture, I wanted to lick the screen.  It’s really that good.
IMG_7211 [640x480]We also had scallop sashimi, with capers, olive oil, Spanish onions and freshly cracked pepper.  I quite like the cracked pepper and capers combo on the scallop sashimi but I thought Swan Oyster Depot went overboard with the olive oil.  It completely masked the  flavours of the scallop.
IMG_7212 [640x480]I also had a serving of house smoked salmon while hubby had seafood chowder $2. The seafood chowder looked slightly curdled but hubby said that it was fine, but nothing special.
IMG_7205 [640x480]My house smoked salmon was delicious.  It has a subtle hint of smokiness and still retained a nice texture and plumpness that commercial smoked salmon could never do.
IMG_7209 [640x480]When we are done, the bill came to approximately $90.  My eyes watered… Surely we didn’t eat that much?  True we didn’t look at the prices of the sea urchin, scallop and salmon, but if the other dishes adds up to approx $30, the other 3 dishes costs $20 each.  Ouch.  I reckon the sea urchin would probably be worth that much but the others? Really? Mmmm…
One thing we are sure though, we would rather wait 1 hr for Hardware Societe in Melbourne than 1 hr at Swan Oyster depot. 7/10
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