Piggy heads to Prison and had some incredible pork buns

Alcatraz, San Fran

Alcatraz, San Fran

On one of our last days, in an incredibly early morning, we got tickets to go to Alcatraz. I thought I could just arrive at San Francisco, grab some discount vouchers and book for Alcatraz the next day. It doesn’t work that way. Tours for Thursdays and Fridays was sold out days ago so it was a miracle we managed to get the only session, which is the 9:30am session on a Saturday.

IMG_7221 (18) [640x480]Never wanting to get out of bed before 10am on Saturday, hubby had to crawl out of bed by 7:30am to get to the ferry terminal. apparently we need to get there at least half an hour before, probably because they wanted to take a photo of us with the fake Alcatraz background. Who would buy these photos? Not us.

IMG_7221 (19) [640x480]We boarded the ferry and not longer after we are there. It was quite amazing to see the history and the stories behind this prison on an island. Apparently prisoners can hear the sounds of San Francisco from their cell, which made it incredibly hard to bear because everything was so far, yet so near. Even though I wasn’t keen to go to Alcatraz, I thought the visit was good.

IMG_7188 (17) [640x480]Afterwards, we went back to The Ferry Plaza market to meet up with my long lost school friend Ro and her partner, Johnny Five-O. It was bustling on Saturday and we were early and starving, so we had some oysters and clams from San Francisco Fish Company and some cannoli from Le Bonta Italiane’s next door. The oysters were fantastic (Kumamoto again!) but the clam was fishy and yuck. The cannoli made everything better though, the lemon cream was yum, although I still think lemon curd would have been better as this was a bit too sweet.

IMG_7222 [640x480]We met up with Ro and Johnny Five-O and they took us to this food stall called Roli Roti which sells porchetta sandwich, chicken and potatoes. We haven’t had much luck with food in SF, so we are following their lead at all cost.
Johnny Five-O seemed like a foodie, he told me that what got him trying this porchetta place is because whilst the porchetta was roasting, they cook the potato underneath, letting the yummy porky oil drip onto the potatoes.

They also sometimes put the bread underneath too, so whilst it might be slightly soggy, it absorbs all the porky flavours also. I also saw that the dude cutting the porchetta was using the sandwich to hold onto the pork. I wasn’t sure whether that’s to get a better grip or to let the bread absorb the fatty goodness, either way, it was delicious and to be honest, because the bread is so thick it wasn’t soggy at all.

IMG_7223 [640x480]The potatoes, drenched in pork fat was also obviously yummy. Hubby commented that was the first great meal we had in SF. Oh dear. On our last day. Fair enough. 8.5/10

Btw, check out their porchetta video on their website, complete with porn music… that’s the ultimate food porn experience 😉

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