Michael Mina

Michael Mina
Bellagio, 3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas
(877) 234-6358

After indulging in an awesome helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon then a full day of shopping, we continued to splurge by heading down to Bellagio.  Whilst doing my research on yummy eats in Las Vegas, I stumbled upon Terina and Tim’s blog about Michael Mina where they raved about the delicious food and great service there.  Needless to say I was looking forward to this dining experience.

IMG_7287 (12) [640x480]We decided on the Chef’s 4-course Tasting Menu $98, with a supplement of $28 each for the signature caviar parfait.  Ohhhhh yeahhhhh splurge we did.  So what’s so special that I needed to pay an extra $28?  Well, this gorgeous caviar stack was studded with delicious black caviar, layered with smoked salmon and sitting prettily on a potato cake.   Apparently this dish was created during Michael Mina’s honeymoon in Hawaii, where he wanted to surprise his bride with all her favourite food.  He asked room service to make a breakfast of caviar, smoked salmon, creme fraiche and hash brown and his signature caviar parfait was born!  Awwww that was so romantic- not to mention delicious!

IMG_7287 (9) [640x480]IMG_7287 (18) [640x480]Next we had a lobster pot pie.  Once again the lobsters are not the Australian lobster we love, but at least this time it was perfectly cooked so it’s less rubbery.  The flavours of the pot pie was simply fantastic, the creamy white sauce really complimented the lobster.  That said, I was expecting the pot pie to be made with puff pastry only to find out that this one at Michael Mina’s was made from short crust pastry.  It would have been perfect if it was puff pastry… puff pastry makes everything tastes so much better. 😛

IMG_7287 (6) [640x480]Our last savoury course was the Wagyu ribeye, served with braised beef cheek.  This was definitely the highlight of the evening.  Both ribeye and cheeks were perfectly cooked and had that melt in your mouth quality to it.  Even though the serving size was quite small I was pretty full by then so it was a perfect size for me.

IMG_7287 (15) [640x480]For dessert, we were presented with three small dessert selection which includes vanilla mascarpone cheesecake, passionfruit pannacotta and root beer float with cookies.

IMG_7287 (13) [640x480]I loved the vanilla cheesecake- you could really see tiny dots of vanilla bean scattered around the cake.

IMG_7287 (11) [640x480]The pannacotta I liked less, but probably because I never liked pannacotta in the first place.  My priority was that warm chocolate chip cookies that was served alongside the root beer!

IMG_7287 (8) [640x480]Oh my gosh the warm chocolate chip and pecan cookies were heavenly.  There’s just something about warm cookies that makes my heart fill with joy.  Is that weird?  The root beer though, I didn’t like.  I’ve never tried root beer before but I thought this one tasted like medicine.  I thought I didn’t like ginger beer, well root beer was even worse.  I am sure it’s not Michael Mina, it’s probably just me, because hubby was slurping away going “it’s fine!” so I gave him mine.  In return, he gave me more cookies!  Ahhhh 🙂  That’s what true love is all about 😀  8.5/10

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