Sushi Samba, Las Vegas

Sushi Samba
3327 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas
(702) 607-0700

While doing my research on Las Vegas, I heard a lot of good things about Sushi Samba. Since it was situated in Palazzo, which is the hotel next to us, we decided to have lunch there one day.

IMG_7314 [640x480]Sushi Samba aims to bring the flavours of Japan and South America together, and I couldn’t help but compare it with Nobu. Instead of muted tones Nobu uses for its decor, Sushi Samba has lively colourful drawings on its walls and TV screens that jumped from Japanese to South American scenery. While it might seem like a sensory overload, I thought it was quite interesting.

I wasn’t impressed by Nobu Melbourne’s food nor service for the price it charges, so what Sushi Samba offered felt much better than Nobu, both in price point and service.

IMG_7306 [640x480]Our appetiser was melt in your mouth beef tataki ($18) with creamy truffle tofu foam, mushroom and ponzu dressing. Delicious.

IMG_7307 [640x480]Next was tuna taco with shiso. I couldnt actually detect any shiso flavour but the fish taco was fresh and refreshing with a squeeze of lime.

IMG_7312 [640x480]I also ordered sea urchin sushi ($5.5 each) while hubby ordered sea urchin sashimi ($5.5). The sea urchin sushi was fresh, but no sea urchin could be fresher than the ones in Swan Oyster Depot in San Francisco or Jamon Sushi in Melbourne.

IMG_7310 [640x480]Hubby also ordered a Berkshire pork belly ramen $18. This he wasn’t overly impressed with. ” It tasted like sweet and sour soup with ramen,” he complained. :/

IMG_7311 [640x480]Hubby loves a potato mash but hates taro. For some reason he ordered the purple potato mash $5 and then started fretting about “purple potato” being another name for taro. LOL. He forced me to taste it first and being the wicked wife I am I told him that it was indeed taro so I can have this gorgeous looking and incredibly yummy mash all to myself. But my conscience kicked in and I reluctantly told him that purple potato is just purple colour potato, that it is safe for him to eat :p

All in all, we thought this was a pretty good meal, and if Sushi Samba open up in Melbourne I would certainly go back again and again for something Japanese with a twist. 7.5/10

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