Piggy in a US Diner?!

Johnny Rockets
The Fashion Walk
3200 Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas
(702) 369-8382

IMG_7337 [640x480]Hubby has one food wish when he is in America.  He wanted to try a diner.  I shook my head.  Of all the yummy food places in America, he wanted to try a diner?  Well I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering in Europe he really wanted Mcdonald’s.
IMG_7321 [640x480]We came across a diner-like joint in Fashion Walk of Las Vegas called Johnny Rockets… and I relented.  It WAS the ONLY foodie wish Hubby had.  At least he wasn’t begging for this every day.  So, God help us, we walked in.
IMG_7322 [640x480]We were whatsapp-ing Esky while we waited for our order, sending him pics of Johnny Rocket’s decor and he texted back, saying its just like the movies!
If I wasn’t lactose intolerant I would probably go all out and order a milkshake.  Roll eyes.
IMG_7325 [640x480]Hubby’s food came, his was this Philly cheesesteak roll with chips.  I think the chips was unlimited.  Shudder.  Hubby liked it of course.
IMG_7326 [640x480]I ordered a chilli burger and my waitress warned me it’s chilli.  Pfftttt.  It wasn’t.  I also got a choice between unlimited chips or salad, which I chose salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing.

The burger wasn’t as massively huge as I expected.  I bit into it and wondered what part of cow I was eating… It’s probably no worse than Mcdonald’s but I don’t actually eat McDonald’s either.

Then I spied white flat looking slice in my burger and at first I delightedly thought that it was egg cos the texture does look a bit like fried eggs.  But sadly it was plastic cheese.  Yuck.
IMG_7327 [640x480]My salad wasn’t half bad.  The balsamic vinegar was scary though.  Why, exactly,was balsamic vinegar THICK? Anyhoo, my salad was also half covered with plastic cheese which I tried to scrape out as much as I can.  For the next few rounds of free salad I told them to hold the cheese.  I think the waitress has never seen any of her customers eating so much salad before. I just felt that I haven’t had enough veggies for a long time and if that’s the only place I can eat my heart out, then by all means go for it.
All in all it’s not worse than Macdonald’s.  And at least they give me unlimited salad. 5.5/10
IMG_7339 [640x480]After our diner experience we went back to Wynn/ Encore to catch a show called Le Reve.  An offshoot of Cirque de Soleil, it was like acrobatics under water.  I quite enjoyed it, although there are some parts which were a bit repetitive and about a girl’s wet dream about being bored with her relationship and being courted by half naked merman was a bit clichéd.  Once again, I got discounted tickets through Travelzoo.com and got about 30% off.
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