The Fashion Walk
3200 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas
(702) 732-2550

IMG_7348 [640x480]On our last day in Las Vegas, we had brunch at Maggiano’s which received great reviews from Urbanspoon. The night before when we tried to get into Maggiano’s they have an hour waitlist, so we had Johnny Rockets instead.  However, lunch was a different matter, it was fairly quiet in fact.  You will see from these last two posts we have been hanging around The Fashion Walk… here is where I bought a number of discounted Diane von Furstenberg leather jackets, tops and skirt, as well as my first Herve Leger dress! Eeeksss
IMG_7349 [640x480]The weather is pretty good in Las Vegas at the moment, not too hot in the shade, so we decided to sit outside and enjoy the view.  A bread basket was set on the table, but the bread was stale and dry.  Not a great first impression.
IMG_7350 [640x480]Hubby and I decided to share their soup and salad deal as appetizers ($10.75)   Hubby ordered the potato and chicken soup which once again, was super gluggy.
IMG_7352 [640x480]My salad of chopped Romaine, bacon, avocado with blue cheese was quite nice, except I had hope the blue cheese was in big chunks, but it was more like bits were incorporated into the salad.  No matter, it does add a nice flavour to the salad.
IMG_7353 [640x480]IMG_7354 [640x480]Hubby ordered the beef medallion $21.95, which he ate with gusto,shoving mountains of mash into his mouth.  He let me try a bit of meat and it wasn’t too bad.
IMG_7356 [640x480]My crab tropheo pasta arrived $20.50 and my mouth dropped opened slightly.  The description said pasta with crab, tomato and basil, with no mention of cream.  I didn’t think to ask either because it wasn’t in the description.  I wasn’t too sure whether my lactose intolerant belly would take it, but I tried to eat the top bit where there was no cream and I was ok afterwards so go figure.
What I suspected was also that the overcooked zuchini in my pasta has watered down the sauce quite a bit.  The whole pasta was a bit bland, even though the bits with sprinkles of saffron does flavour the dish slightly.  To be fair I did try the pasta with cream but it doesn’t make any difference to the taste.  I quite like the chunks of crab though and with a bit of salt and tons of pepper it was okay.
Overall I would say I have had better.  For a restaurant with great reviews from Urbanspoon I expected more of them.  6/10
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