Hula Grill Ka’anapali

Hula Grill Ka’anapali
2435 Kaanapali Pkwy, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii
(808) 667-6636

Today we were supposed to be driving across to the OTHER side of the island Maui to do some ziplining.  Well, we still went but I woke up feeling sick 😦  It was so sad because I was just starting to feel really relaxed when I got sick.  This ALWAYS seemed to happen.  As I started to ease into the rhythm of travelling and really start to enjoy myself, I often got sick.  It all started with a sore throat and simply feeling really really tired, but I decided to soldier on- we DID pay for the ziplining tour gawd dammit!

IMG_7489 [640x480]Anyway, it was supposed to be a 1hr30min drive from Kihei to Kapalua where the ziplining place is, so we decided to stop halfway through to have lunch at Hula Grill in Lahaina.  Parking was super expensive in this shopping complex, but thankfully after lunch I asked the waitress whether she can validate our parking and she said yes!

IMG_7493 [640x480]

For starters we shared a crab and macadamia wonton $10.95.  This is probably not the best thing to order when you are sick LOL but I didn’t realised it was deep fried… Cantonese wontons are not normally deep fried unless it specifically said so.  It’s like deep frying a steak, it was just a bit unexpected.  But well, this is not Hong Kong and I shouldn’t simply assume like that.

IMG_7494 [640x480]Anyway the wonton was not too bad, it came with a shoyu and mustard dipping sauce.  The wonton was not too oily, but the flavour of the macadamia nut overpowered the crab flavours.

IMG_7495 [640x480]

Hubby ordered a foccacia chicken sandwich $12.95.  This was served with Grilled chicken breast, mac nut pesto, mozzarella, provolone, and jack cheese with fries.  Hubby thought that it was nothing special, but I tried a bite and thought the bread was fresh and crumbly like an Amercian biscuit (like, in a good way).

IMG_7497 [640x480]My gado-gado was not impressive at all.  Even a person as sick as I am and wanted plain food did not want that.  It was so flavourless!  It did not even have the same ingredients as a normal gado-gado, especially my favourite ingredients- prawn/ tapioca crackers and egg on top!  Sadness!

IMG_7492 [640x480]

Overall we weren’t very impressed with Hula Grill.  Yes, it has a great view, but so does many restaurants in Maui.  6/10

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