Piggy goes Ziplining and Romantic Dinner at Merriman’s

Today we were supposed to be driving across to the OTHER side of the island Maui to do some ziplining.  Well, we still went but I woke up feeling sick 😦  It was so sad because I was just starting to feel really relaxed when I got sick.  This ALWAYS seemed to happen.  As I started to ease into the rhythm of travelling and really start to enjoy myself, I often got sick.  It all started with a sore throat and simply feeling really really tired, but I decided to soldier on- we DID pay for the ziplining tour gawd dammit!

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What’s ziplining?  Well, it’s basically using a pulley suspended on a cable to “zip” from Point A to Point B.   We had such a great time ziplining with Go Zip Maui.  We zipped down four lines, each one steeper than the other.  Although it was slightly scary, the scenery was AMAZING.  One lady was scared of heights also, but the instructors were very patient and accommodating.  Even though I felt so sick, the whole experience was exhilarating!

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After our amazing experience in the Ziplines, we went to Merriman’s which is inside Kapalua Resort.  Someone is having a wedding there at that time, and it looked AMAZING!  I wish we had our wedding there.

IMG_7515 [640x480]With the compliments of the chefs, we started with the freshest vegetable with hommus.  It was a welcoming sight- when I am sick I felt like fresh vegies.  It also helps that it was gorgeously plated!

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For my appetiser, I had a simple soup of the day $12, which is the asparagus soup.  The soup was nice and soothing, but nothing particularly special about it.

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Hubby had their Keahole Lobster, Avocado, Tomato Salad $25.   I tried a bit and thought that it was quite tasty and very fresh.  I wish I can make this at home 😉

IMG_7526 [640x480]Hubby’s main was a rib eye $48, chargrilled and came with chilli pepper green beans and taro fritters.  Hubby normally HATED taro, it makes him throw up.  Surprisingly though, he ate every single bit of taro on this dish and he thought the rib eye was pretty awesome too.  I was dying to try it but as I was feeling really sick by that time I couldn’t muster up any appetite to do so.  It was such a waste.

IMG_7528 [640x480]I had a smaller portion of taro cakes $23.  I love these taro cakes.  They were simple but perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and pillowy on the inside.  Accompanying it were sautéed zucchini, Swiss chard and mushroom.  Sadly I didn’t have much appetite and only ate one taro cake and a little bit of vegies, but I would never forget how delicious it was.

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I too, didn’t get to fully appreciate this parmesan truffle fries.  There’s something about this threesome: parmesan, truffles and potato that makes me go wild $10, and I tell you this is da shiz.  If I wasn’t so ill I would have the whole packet to myself.  Noms.

Overall, Merriman’s was a perfect spot for a romantic dinner.  The waiter was super friendly and help us took pics of sunset and us.  He must be a pro at it now doing it every night.  I definitely wanted to come back!  7.5/10

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