Piggy goes surfing!

As mentioned in my previous post, I got really sick in Maui with a horrible flu.  This was the second day of my horrible flu but we’ve booked a surf lession and I was not going to miss it for anything!

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I must admit I was slightly biased in choosing this surf school, River to The Sea in Maui.  Apparently Zac Efron learnt to surf with them and so you know, like, it must be awesome 😛  Biased aside, it was an awesome lesson.  They only take people one-on-one or two-on-one (unless you are a group of friends/ family of course), so we had the instructor’s complete attention.  A very secluded beach was chosen so we won’t have to fight for a bit of surf.  The instructor was super friendly, seriously professional and we both managed to stand up during this surf lesson, hubby on the first go, and me on the second go!  It was so much fun!  I did a surf lesson in Gold Coast once and after 2 hours I couldn’t even stand, so it was fantastic.  Don’t we look like surfee dudes in this pic?  Heehee.  Highly recommend River to the Sea if you are looking for surfing lessons in Maui (and don’t even bother in Honolulu!  The beaches are just too crazy).

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Pacific’O Restaurant
505 Front St Lahaina
(808) 667-4341

Afterwards, we went to Pacific’O for lunch.  Initially, I wanted to go on a tour of the O’o farm, which was one of the most popular attractions in Maui.  Unfortunately the tours only run on Thursday and we were not in Maui on Thursday, so we had to settle for their sister restaurant, Pacific’ O.

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We started off with a Tropical Ceviche of the Day $12.  We thought that the ceviche was OK.  The fish was super fresh of course, however, the whole dish tasted too acidic.

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Hubby ordered the chicken wrap $14.5.  I tried a bit and thought it was quite delicious.  The chicken was juicy and tender and the smokey sauce really complements the dish.

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O’o Farm Salad $12.  I wasn’t feeling too hungry due to sickness so I ordered a farm salad.  Mmmm I don’t know, what came out was a bit disappointing.  It was like a side salad in slightly bigger portion.  There was no carbs and the salad was also too acidic.  For $12, I wasn’t impressed at all.  Yes, the vegies were from O’o farm and it was fresh, but the portion and flavours were disappointing.

Overall, I must say I wasn’t too impressed by Pacific’O.  6/10

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