Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar (Kihei)

Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar (Kihei)
1881 S Kihei Rd, Maui, Hawaii
(808) 879-0004

For our last night in Maui, we decided to try Sansei Seafood Restaurant, which has a LOT of positive reviews on Urbanspoon, trip advisors and the like.  They even got touted as one of the US best sushi restaurants so I simply couldn’t wait to try it.

IMG_7561 [640x480]Sadly, this place was super overrated.  First of all, the place was so packed that we were pretty much 5 cm away from the next table.  The staff were ran off their feet and the sushi bar was the same.  We waited for more than half an hour for our sashimi special with the waitress apologising every 10 mins.  I just wish she had told us that it would take that long.  We would probably walk out.  Anyway, as you could see the sashimi wasn’t fresh.  At all.

IMG_7562 [640x480]

We also ordered sea urchin sushi which took just as long, and it was very fresh either.  Hubby added a quail egg on his and from memory he had to pay an extra $1 for the egg.  The most amazing thing was that since it took so long I thought the sushi would be freshly made, but the seaweed that wrap around the sushi was soggy.  So either it wasn’t freshly made, or it had been sitting on the counter for ages and no one took it to us or the seaweed wasn’t kept properly in an airtight container.  FAIL.

IMG_7563 [640x480]

What’s the exact opposite of pièce de résistance?  Probably shit de résistance, either way this is it.  I have never seen ramen served like this in a restaurant, not even a cafe.  OK I might have seen this served at a crappy foodcourt in Australia, but if I had seen it I wouldn’t order it.  This is one of the worst ramen ever.  Bits of random, tasteless pork served in an oversalted broth with crappy noodles that has texture worse than cup noodles, I had two mouthfuls and send it back.  Awful.

IMG_7564 [640x480]I think hubby also had a ramen, which was their Dungess crab ramen with Asian truffle broth.  Hubby thought that the ramen was pretty damn awful but made a decision to deal with it, eat it and just never come back.

Overall, it was a pretty damn disappointing experience in Sansei Seafood Restaurant and I would certainly recommend everyone to avoid.  3.5/10

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