Piggy Chillaxing in Lanai Island

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Oh helllloooo from Lanai Island, Hawaii!  This little paradise came just the right time as we needed a bit of R&R as Hubby and I both fell ill.  Lazing by the poolside, I am sure, would have been the doctor’s orders.

What’s so special about Lanai Island?  Other than its breathtakingly gorgeous views, Lanai Island quite secluded.  With only 2 Four Seasons Resorts and one Hotel, Lanai Island used to be a pineapple plantation.  This island has no traffic lights and only had like, 3 main roads.  Many rich and famous people have holiday houses here or actually lives here.  And one of the Four Seasons staff told us that Bill Gates booked out the Four Seasons Manele Bay for his wedding.

From Maui, we took a ferry from the town centre, Lahainia, to Lanai island.  Once we got off the ferry, we were greeted by Four Seasons staff with Leis made of macadamia nuts (I was hoping for flowers :() and our luggage was taken care of.  We were actually a bit wary about letting our luggage get out of our sight LOL but really, the island is probably safe as it can be.

IMG_7580 [640x480]We were at Lanai Four Seasons Manele Bay where staff practically waited on you hands and feet.  Check in was a breeze, for some reason this hotel didn’t even check out IDs, although they did get our names wrong.  😛  They gave us sparkling wine because it was our anniversary trip.  One thing dodgey though, the check in staff offered to upgrade our room for a price.  When we asked him how much he kinda wrote it at the back of this scrap of paper and said “we can do it for this price…” and showed that scrap of paper to us.  We thought that felt like what a dodgey 2 star hotel would do and I half expected we could give him half of what he asked for as a bribe and he would upgrade us anyway. Muahahahaha.

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Fresco (now apparently called Kailani?!?!)
1 Manele Bay Rd, Lanai City, Hawaii
(808) 565-2092

Anyhoo, we arrived at about 1pm and haven’t had lunch yet, so we thought we’d try one of Four Season Lanai’s restaurants, Fresco (which now seemed to be called Kailani).

This time, hubby wasn’t hungry, so he ordered poke of the day with taro chips.  Poke is a Hawaii dish of raw fish.  In Fresco they mixed the raw tuna with spicy mayo.  Hubby who normally throws up at the sight of taro actually ate those taro chips, and I had some also and had to admit it was pretty yummy!

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As for me, I was actually hungry for once ever since I was sick, and ordered the toasted open sandwich with mushroom, truffle oil and cheese.  It was soooo rich but really yummy.  The toasted bread was fluffy and fully of cheesey truffley goodness.

We were pretty impressed with our first meal there, although of course this was quite expensive and costs us $40 (including tips).  Not to worry though, being typical dodgey Asians we know that this trip was gonna be expensive, so ahem, we brought some instant noodles that we ate that night with our complimentary sparkling wine.  Happy Anniversary darling hubby! Heehee.

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