The Bridge South Wharf

The Bridge South Wharf
20 Dukes Walk, South Wharf
03 9682 6007

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On one hot hot hot Saturday, we strolled across to South Wharf for brunch.   We have been to The Sharing House a couple of times now, so we thought we’d try something different.  The Bridge South Wharf looked pretty nice, so we decided to brunch there.

photo 3 [640x480]We decided to order sharing plates, so we can try more stuff 😀 Heehee.  First up was seared scallops on a bed of mashed cauliflower $15.  The scallops are perfectly cooked, with bits of bacon to enhance their flavours.  I was never quite sure of cauliflower mash, but it was creamy and flavoursome, a good alternative to potato mash.

photo 4 [640x480]Next up, we got some tuna tartare with papaya salad and wasabi dressing $17.  To be honest, although the tuna was very fresh, I couldn’t actually taste any wasabi which was a little bit disappointing.  That being said, the papaya salad went well with the tuna and I wasn’t sure whether the wasabi dressing would actually match this dish anyway.

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Up next, we ordered a soft shell crab salad to share $19.  The tempura crabs were juicy and not oily at all, which was perfect.  The salad though was a disappointment.  Not only did it not go well with the soft shell crab, it was full of leafy parts of celery pieces, which I am sure people normally chuck away.  😦

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The second last dish was the duck rillettes $13.  I don’t mind rillettes, and this tasted OK.

photo 2 [640x480]Our last dish was the mini beef burger $18.  Once again, the burgers were nothing special.  Sure they are well cooked, but there are much better burgers around the joint and for the cost of $6 each, it just wasn’t worth ordering.

Overall, The Bridge South Wharf was OK.  There were some highlights like the tempura crab (but not the salad), tuna tartare and the seared scallops, but sadly there were quite a number of shared plates that were simply mediocre.  6/10

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