G2 Korean Restaurant

G2 Korean Restaurant
301 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
03 9642 3424

Shoe Queen and I both love Korean so imagine my excitement when she told me there’s a new Korean Restaurant opened on Elizabeth St recently.  We decided to try it one lunch time with Shoe Queen’s sister Cath.

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At the time of dining G2 Korean Kitchen only opened for less than a week, so readers, please bear that in mind when reading this review.

The menu was separated into a few different categories: entrée (of course!), bimbimbap (Korean style rice normally on a stone bowl), sizzling plate, rice cake, hot pot, salads and Japanese “don” (rice bowls)!? Why there are JAPANESE don in a Korean place I have no idea.

photo 1 (2) [640x480]As Shoe Queen is a pescatarian we tried to order more dishes with seafood and veggies.  Alas, there are not many selection of those and they were quid unwilling to change their menu to accommodate, such as changing the pork and squid sizzling plate to just squid sizzling plate. We did managed to convince them to give us more squid and less pork though.  They also don’t have rice cake at the time of our order which was something that we looked forward trying and one of the only few available vego dishes in this joint.

photo 2 (2) [640x480]Anyway to start off I thought I’d try their citron tea.  For $4 each we were only offered small cups like this.  Surely we get refills? I have never had such small cup of tea for $4! After enquiring with the waitress, she confirmed that indeed $4 will only get you this small cup, and after a few more words from us she told us she was happy to refill it- with hot water. WTF?  The first cup has a nice citron flavour to it, but by the second cup it felt as if we are drinking slightly citrus flavour water.  Next time (although mind you I don’t think there will be a next time) I will go to Chinatown, but a huge tub of citron tea concentrate and just ask them for hot water!

Our mains came and we enquired about the little dishes that goes with the mains.  In Korean restaurants (and according to Shoe Queen’s Korean friends), offering little dishes such as pickles, kimchi, seaweed etc are standard and a courtesy to the customer.  They are normally free and unlimited refill would be provided.  Unfortunately with G2, they don’t even provide these small dishes which made us wonder how Korean they are.

photo 2 [640x480]Anyway, grumbling aside, these are what we had.  First up, we got soba noodle salad.  It was OK, nothing to rave about.  The soba noodles were pretty lumpy and overcooked, the sauce wasn’t that great either.

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The vegetarian bimbimbap wasn’t that great either.  First of all was the egg.  The egg in a stone bimbimbap wais normally raw or at least barely cooked.  However this egg was pretty much fully cooked, so when we stir the ingredients with the rice, it cannot be fully incorporated.  Bimbimbap is normally flavoured with sesame oil, but I couldn’t actually detect any sesame flavours.

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Our last dish was the sizzling hot pan with squid and pork belly.  Remember how we asked the waitress for more squid and less pork belly?  And the waitress said she will try?  Look at the picture.  Does it look as if there’s more squid and less pork belly?  It looks the opposite.  Surely even if the chef said no, there should be a balance of squids and pork belly pieces!  Cath, Shoe Queen and I asked each other how many squids we had later: apparently we all had one piece.  Which meant the WHOLE dish only had 3 pieces of squid.

That being said this dish was the best dish out of all the dishes.  The flavours were well balanced and truth be told the pork belly was tender.  The two huge balls of rice that sat on top of the sizzling dish, so the bottom is golden brown and crispy.  YUM.

Overall, we were impressed with G2 Korean Restaurant at all.  Yes the overall bill wasn’t too expensive, approximately $16 per person (even including the tea), but the service wasn’t the best, some stuff are simply overpriced and quite a number of misses in the food department… probably won’t be coming back any time soon.  5/10

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