Mamak Melbourne

366 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
03 9670 3137

IMG_4082 [640x480]I know I know, I took my sweet time going to Mamak. Ever since I heard about this wonderous place in Sydney with long long queues, I have been wanting to visit. Thank goodness Mamak opened in Melbourne- now I can save my plane ticket to Sydney for more Mamak!:D

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As per Mamak Sydney style, there’s a window display where you can see the chef making rotis.  Mamak in Melbourne is apparently bigger than Mamak in Sydney, but I still thought it was quite small for such a popular restaurant. The tables are super close together to you can definitely hear the conversation of your neighbours. The space looks clean and simply decorated with gorgeous pictures of food and Mamak Sydney.

IMG_4071 [640x480]Hubby ordered Cham, which is a mix of milk tea and coffee $3.5. I tried a bit but thought that it has too much coffee flavour and the drink wasn’t as silky smooth as expected. I ordered a Teh Halia $3.5, which I thought was tea with ginger, but it turned out to be milk tea with ginger. I thought would taste pretty weird but ginger and milk tea seemed to work together somehow.

IMG_4077 [640x480]We started with one of their famous rotis, Roti Telur $6.50. It’s basically roti with egg inside, with 2 dipping curry and sambal sauce. I personally liked the roti, it was hot, fresh and has a very light texture. The dipping curry has lentils in one and one that has a nice caramelly flavour. The sambal was slightly spicy and has a strong fried anchovies flavour to it which I loved. Hubby didn’t like the roti with egg itself and perhaps next time I should order their “original roti”, Roti Canai as it does look better.

IMG_4074 [640x480]Hubby’s main was Kari Kambing, which is the lamb curry $16. I thought the curry was slightly too watery, but the flavour was still pretty good. The lamb was extremely tender and goes well with rice $2.5.

IMG_4076 [640x480]I ordered Nasi Lemak $8.5 plus Sambal Sotong $4, which is sambal cuttlefish. I like the Nasi Lemak, but I am no Malaysian so I can’t tell whether it’s authentic or not, so please bear with me! I love the fragrant coconut flavours that is integrated with the rice and the crispy fried anchovies and the peanuts adds to the yumminess.

I like the additional Sambal Cuttlefish also. The sambal this time has more of a kick compared to the ones in the roti, and before long I started sweating and sniffling which is always a sign of a healthy (awesome!) chilli kick! The cuttlefish was super tender and it just goes well with the nasi lemak. And thank GOD Nasi Lemak comes with cucumber. This fresh little morsels cools down the heat of the cuttlefish real quick. Phew!

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I would love to try their dessert but alas I was simply too full. I heard that their dessert roti was great though. Maybe next time! 8/10

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