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Christmas usually meant hubby and I head back to Brisvegas to visit friends and family. It’s also an opportunity for my poor mum to get out of the house and try something a bit different, rather than heading out to eat $5 RSL meals or their usual hangouts in Sunnybank.

As soon as I landed, I took them out to Mizu, a Japanese restaurant near Teneriffe. Monkylicious told me about their lunch specials, which I was dying to try, and chose their “daily chef special bento box” which is salt grilled salmon.

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For $25, the bento box consisted of sashimi, tempura, cold dishes, a salad, miso soup and rice.  If you choose a cheaper version $15, you simply won’t get the sashimi and tempura.

The verdict?  The bento box was alright.  For $25 it could be better.  The sashimi wasn’t super fresh and the special salted fish was seriously very salty.  You can see big flakes of salt on top of the fish and dad and I (who was also having the same dish) had to scrape away all the salt before eating it.

The highlight would certainly be the tempura.  The tempura wasn’t oily and it was crispy and yummy.  The cold dishes consists of burdock root and egg, which was quite nice.

I probably won’t go back for lunch again to be honest. 6.5/10
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