Koncept Fusion Bar and Restaurant

Koncept Fusion Bar and Restaurant
1295 Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt
07 3420 0301

It’s hard to decide what to eat for Christmas Eve, especially with parents and in laws.  On one hand my in laws are picky eaters.  My mother-in-law would scour restaurants to ensure that chinese restaurants don’t use MSG (which is mostly a miracle), scoffs that Sunnybank has absolutely no great food on offer, a real foodie who doesn’t mind paying a bit more for great food.  On the other hand my dad felt “great food= cheap” bringing him to good, but expensive restaurant would just be a torture, because he would not stop bitching about how expensive it is.  Thankfully, Hubby’s cousin Chowie offered a solution: Koncept Fusion Bar and Restaurant.

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Whilst doing some research, I found Koncept’s facebook page has this awesome pic of sashimi, and immediately called them up to book the table as well as order this fabulous sashimi platter.

Koncept’s decor can certainly be described as minimalistic.  I couldn’t detect any traces of interior design: the walls are bare and there are simple tables and wooden chairs.  I started to wonder whether my mother in law would approve this place.  But our worries are reassured: The Pièce de résistance came.

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Our special sashimi platter came $80.  Slices and slices of fresh snapper, scallops and salmon sashimi sits prettily on top of a skelton of a snapper.  Most of the sashimi mentioned above were super fresh.  I also ordered uni which was quite good also.  Sadly, the tuna sashimi wasn’t that great, the flesh was simply mushy.  Another gripe was that the skelton of the snapper actually smelt quite fishy, which really affects the enjoyment of the whole sashimi platter. 😦

IMG_4153 [640x480]Koncept’s actual menu wasn’t large.  We then ordered a number of their shared plates.  One of their signature classic dishes was the vongole clams $12.  The clams were cooked in butter and sake and was sinfully delicious.

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We also ordered some sushi, and this is the crab, avocado and tobiko roll $4.  The sushi rolls are very cheap in restaurant’s standards, but to be honest the flavours ain’t that great.  The “crab” was quite dry.  A thing we love though was the fried garlicky bits under the sushi, which adds flavour to this otherwise quite dull and standard offering.

IMG_4151 [640x480]The scallops in garlic butter ($8 for 2) was also a highlight.  We orginally ordered 2 serves and decided to order more.  It has a buttery cheesy goodness, although there was one scallop that was so overcooked that I could barely eat it.

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The beef skewers was on the special menu and I wasn’t too sure how much it was, but the beef was tough and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

IMG_4154 [640x480]Their Barramundi marinated with yuzu miso $14 was not only an engineer’s nightmare threatening to collapse, it was apparently also a disappointment.  I didn’t get to taste it, but even my parents complained that it was quite dry and tasteless.

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We were still a bit hungry after all those so we order more food.  The takoyaki was crispy but certainly not homemade.  Not to worry, I think it’s only $4.

IMG_4157 [640x480]Knowing that their scallop and salmon sashimi was pretty good, we also ordered scallop and salmon nigiri (salmon not pictured).  For $17 for 5 pieces, the seared scallop nigiri imparted a delicious smokey flavour.  The salmon nigiri $9 for 5 was also wonderful.  The salmon was unsurprisingly super fresh.

After all these food it’s time for dessert.  The fantastic thing about Koncept is that they don’t charge cakage.  I went to Chouquette that afternoon to pick up a cake for dessert, and Koncept gave us plates and forks without additional charges.  The downside?  We forgot that we had one more dish coming until we started our desserts and the waitress plonked the salmon tartare with avocado and scallion $7 down!  It would have been nicer if they had told us that we still had a dish left!  It was served wayyyyy after the sushi came so that was a bit sloppy.

All in all, for a Christmas Eve dinner which costs $200 for 6 people ($33) including that awesome sashimi platter was pretty good.  I could certainly let the slightly sloppy but definitely friendly service slide, and forgive some of the less yummy dishes.  I will be back 7.5/10

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