Piggy’s Box Hill Adventures

Being on forced leave has its advantages.  I probably won’t go to box hill normally but because Shoe Queen and I are both in forced leave during Xmas/NY period and Shoe Queen’s sis Cath live out there, we decided to go on a Box Hill eating tour.
First up: Pancake Village
Centro Box Hill, Main and Market Streets, Box Hill
03 9890 4899
photo 1 [640x480]We had breakfast at Pancake Village, which makes Asian savory eggy pancakes that wraps around freshly deep fried dough stick.  We ordered one of those with 2 hot soy milk and it comes to ~$12.  Although it was slightly expensive, the pancake was delicious.  I haven’t had freshly deep fried dough stick for a very very long time and it was crunchy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside.  Oh my gosh, I am salivating as I write this!  There were also sprinkles of pork floss, which adds a savory-sweetness to the dish.  Super noms.
photo 2 [640x480]The hot soy milk though was a bit disappointing as it was lukewarm at best, but the flavour was nice and it wasn’t too sweet.
Overall, a simple and yummy breakfast! 8.5/10
Our eating journey continues, but fear not! I wasn’t as piggy as you thought! We did do a bit of shopping first before eating again :p
Food Republik
Centro Box Hill, Main and Market Streets, Box Hill
03 9898 6666
photo 1 (3) [640x480]Next up we went to Food Republik.  It was about 1:45pm by then but there’s still a huge queue.  The waitresses were quite rude and abrupt, trying to manage the queue.  I wish I could say its expected of places of this “calibre” but I still wished it had slightly better service.
photo 1 (2) [640x480]Anywayz, we started off with some awesome Xiao Long Bao.  The XLB were beautifully cooked and juicy, the skin was delicately thin but the skin did not break apart and disintegrate like most cheap XLB.
photo 3 (3) [640x480]Mini oyster noodles were equally delicious.  Don’t be surprised that the soup for this noodle is slightly thick- its supposed to be that way so all the sauce/soup clings onto the noodles to give it that delicious flavour.
photo 2 (2) [640x480]We shared the crispy chicken bento box.  That chicken was ginormous!  It was beautifully seasoned and had an unbelievably awesome texture of crispy and crunchy at the same time.  I am drooling as. I am writing this!
photo 4 (2) [640x480]Shoe Queen had the stir fried vegetarian vermicelli.  It was ok but nothing to rave home about.
photo 3 (2) [640x480]We also shared a Dessert Story Taiwanese style dessert with peanuts, taro, red bean and bubbles. It was nicer than the Taiwanese dessert we tried at Meet Fresh in Melbourne CBD.
photo 2 (3) [640x480]Overall I am very impressed with the food at Food Republik.  For approx $70 we had a great feast between the 3 of us.
Mister Dorayaki Cafe
Centro Box Hill, Main and Market Streets, Box Hill
03 9843 3900
Ahem, then we had some afternoon tea to finish our journey, this time going to Mister Dorayaki.  Specialising in Dorayaki, a form of Japanese pancake filled with sweet yummy stuff such as chocolate, red bean, taro, peanut butter, it’s one of my favourite things to eat when I was younger.
photo 3 [640x480]
I selected the peanut butter dorayaki and waited patiently as they made a fresh one for me.  It took about 15 mins and I was wild with anticipation.
photo 4 [640x480]photo 5 [640x480]
Sadly, the Dorayaki didn’t taste as yummy as I expected.  First of all the pastry wasn’t fragrant and didn’t have the beautiful eggy, custardy flavour.  Secondly instead of smooth creamy peanut butter I got this weird peanut sugar mash with peanut butter.  Not great. :/  4.5/10
Overall, I had a fantastic time in Box Hill- I can’t wait to go back again!

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