Kedai Satay King Street

Kedai Satay King Street
186 King Street, Melbourne
03 9640 0371

“One day,” my colleague Nish said, “we have to take a tram all the way down Bourke St and have lunch at this really awesome Grilled meat place when we are less busy.” We have been slaving away on a project for months, and it didn’t seemed that that day would come where we can take 1.5 hrs for lunch.  But that day came and we excitedly piled on a tram that took us all the way down to Bourke/King st where this legendary grilled meat place is- Kedai Satay.
This Indonesian place looked greasy and dodgey outside, but the hero of this place is the food, so don’t judge the book by its cover.
photo 2 (2) [640x480]We walked in, and Nish recommended the grilled lamb ribs with coconut rice.  We ordered, paid up and sat down.   In a few short minutes the food appeared in front of us.
Oh my. Without sounding like 50 Shades of Grey I basically did a yumgasm looking at my plate of food.  The smell was wonderful and the taste was even better.
photo 1 (2) [640x480]The lamb was succulent and tender, with a beautiful layer of peanuty satay sauce.  The coconut rice was perfect with the meat.  There’s also a dollop of sambal sauce which give appropriate heat.
The salad was nothing to rave about but the hero of the dish (why am I sounding like Masterchef?) is really the meat.  And for less than $12 it was a fantastic feed. 8/10

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