Piggy, Monky and Froggy eating our way around Melbourne (II)

A brand new day meant a brand new food destination.  This time I took Froggy, Monkylicious and crew to the awesome part of Collingwood.
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I wanted to take them to The People’s Market as I haven’t been myself.  Looking closely on their website, they said that the food stalls are open from 9am onwards, so we decided to get there at 10am.
It was a fail.  The People Market doesnt even open until 12 noon.  These guys relied on word of mouth and the net to bring people in, they should REALLY change the opening times of their website!! Grrrrr
Thankfully Proud Mary was just around the corner, so instead we had some breakfast there.
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Proud Mary
172 Oxford Street, Collingwood
03 9417 5930

IMG_4580 [640x480]I was trying to be a bit healthy, so I had my staple, salmon poached egg with fennel salad.  It was light but delicious.
IMG_4578 [640x480]Monkylicious had some delicious blood sausage that at first I hesistated to try but it actually tasted really good.
IMG_4579 [640x480]Froggy had the hash.  She liked it but she doesn’t love it.
I know this sounds weird but by the time we finished breakfast, well it’s almost lunch! I heard about this pop up ramen store called Shophouse Ramen that occupied Storm in a Teacup whilst they are on Christmas hiatus, and it was one of their last days, so of course, we have to be there.
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We got there at about 11:30am, and since they don’t open until 12, we wandered around.  When we turned back, there was already a queue forming at the door and there’s still 10 mins to go! WTF?!
IMG_4591 [640x480]Thankfully Monkylicious was one smart cookie and ran over to queue up and we didn’t have to wait long before the door swing open and we are in!
IMG_4586 [640x480]
We ordered the pork bun and the pork ramen with a few drinks to share.  Monkylicious and Froggy had the pork bun and thought that the bun was fantastic.  The nice soft bun complements the delicious tender pork sounded yumgasmic in every sense.
IMG_4590 [640x480]The ramen on the other hand, we found slightly disappointing.  Maybe we still prefer the wriggly kind of ramen so we didn’t really rate the noodles.  The egg was overcooked but that being said the stock was fantastic and the pork shoulder and belly meat combination was to die for.
IMG_4592 [640x480]We finally got to the People’s Market and managed to walk around and had some yummy non-alcoholic ice slushies.  We were too full to try any of the food though, maybe next time.
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At night we went to Jamon sushi for our birthday celebration, which I have done a special blog of it here
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