Piggy and Monky eating our way around Melbourne (V)

Monky’s last day and I felt really sad.  It has been a fantastic five days with food food and more fabulous food, not to mention fantastic friendship and lots of laughs.  I missed the girls all the time when they are not beside me.

Determined to enjoy my last day with Monky, I planned a fab brekkie and lunch for a big bang send off.  Monkylicious has long heard about Joost, so when she realised that just right across the road from Hardware Societe is Joost.

Silo by Joost
123 Hardware St, Melbourne
03 9600 0588

photo 1 [640x480]

I love Silo by Joost because I felt so clean and environmentally friendly there.  For those who don’t know Silo by Joost, this cafe does not generate any waste.  They recycle and reuse everything and for a long time, they didn’t supply soy milk, because they couldn’t find a supplier who would use a recyclable tank to deliver the soy milk.  That’s how serious they are about the environment.

photo 2 [640x480]I started off with a soy hot chocolate which is smooth and rich.  Delicious.

photo 4 [640x480]I had the Silo breakfast which consists of two soft boiled egg, fresh tomato, goat’s curd and toast made on site.

photo 5 [640x480]You probably can’t tell but the tomatoes are extremely fresh and it was simply divine.

photo 3 [640x480]Monkylicious had one of my favourite breakfast- mushroom with coddled egg.  For mushroom lovers, this is THE dish to try.

I can’t deny it, I love Silo by Joost.  Fast friendly service, fantastic food and environmentally friendly.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who visits Melbourne.  9/10

Pei Modern
45 Collins St, Melbourne
03 9654 8545

photo 1 (2) [640x480]Come lunch time, I took Monkylicious to Pei Modern one of my favourite restaurants of late.

photo 1 (3) [640x480]For $39 each, we got the express lunch which consists of two share dishes, one mains each and petit fours.  Noice.  But first, yummy bread with butter.

photo 2 (2) [640x480]The croquette was fluffy and delicious, and the yoghurty sauce cuts the fattiness of the dish.  Drools.  We also shared a beetroot and ricotta salad.  I don’t actually like beetroot so I can’t really rate that dish. 😛

photo 3 (2) [640x480]

I decided that after all the yumgasmic food I’ve been eating in the past five days, I SHOULD really be healthy and eat some fish.  So reluctantly I chose this over the delicious looking steak or the carbtastic risotto.

What a friggin fantastic choice.  This dish not only had the looks, but also the flavour.  The fish was simply perfectly cooked with a layer of SUPER crispy thingy on it.  I had to find out what this delicious crispy thingy is so I asked my waiter.  It turned out to be a very very thinly slice of bread toasted until it’s crisp.  Yumgasmic.

photo 4 (2) [640x480]Monkylicious’ not-so-pretty dish was the risotto- haha.  I mean it still tasted really really good- the pecorino has a real bite to it and the courgette was crunchy which contrasted well with the risotto.  It’s just that it’s not as good as my fish.  Bahahhahahaha

photo 5 (2) [640x480]Our petite fours came and I baulked at the nougat.  I hate nougat.  It sticks to my teeth like a plague and I refuse to eat them.  But then I hesistated.  I paid good money for it so stuck to the teeth or not I am eating it.  HUMPH.  Well guess what?  It’s the most friggin, awesomest goddamn nougat I have ever tasted.  And it didn’t stick to my teeth.

It was so memorable that I didn’t even remember what the other petite four was.  It was that good.  Oooopppss.

So two lovely must trys in one day for Monkylicious.  Personally, I thought it was a fantastic send off for Monky.  Hope she felt the same too! 😉 9/10

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