Piggy on a detox!

photo 3 [640x480]Food food and more food during Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year AND birthday celebration had been great, but I felt that my body is suffering from the aftermath of all these good food.  So what to do but a detox?

Trawling through the Internet there is a lot of detox programs, but the one that caught my eye is the Schkinny Maninny juice detox.  It uses all natural ingredients, and you can choose different levels of detox to suit your needs.  If you have any dietary requirements you can always let them know and Sckinny Maninny would happily accommodate.

I chose a 3 day program because frankly, I don’t think I would have the willpower to do a 5 day detox.  You get six juices each day anda mixture of fruit and vegetable and nut juices.  I chose a low fruit detox because of my FODMAP issues.

My first box came on a Monday and it consists of a very green looking Schkinny Leap Frog, with spinach, lemon, parsley, kiwi and cucumber.  It tasted very very healthy.  They would normally put apple in this juice which might make it taste better but due to my fructose issue I asked for a non-apple version.

My next juice was a beetrooty type juice called Schkinny vego mego.  I don’t really like beetroot so I tried to down this as much as possible.  I thought I would be hungry but overall I felt ok, just a slight dull headache developing on my left temple :/

My lunch was a carrot and ginger soup thingy which needs a hit of salt (not allowed) and maybe some cream (again, not allowed).  After a few gulps, I can definitely appreciate the freshness and taste of real veggies, without the salt, MSG, additives.

I felt pretty full when I hit my fourth juice of the day, which seemed like the Schkinny Leap Frog again but with celery.  I had a  a third of a bottle before looking forward to the soup for dinner.

photo 1 [640x480]

For dinner I got some vegetable soup which you can heat up.  By the time I drank so many cold juices, a warming soup was a welcome treat.  I had half before hubby’s dinner and then had the other half with him, whilst looking at him eating Japanese curry chicken rice.  I was surprisingly unmoved by his sucking of chicken wings.

My last juice of the day was supposed to be a protein booster.  The Schkinny Sleep Well made of almond milk, brazil nuts and almonds.  I secretly heated that up too so it’s like a Chinese dessert heehee.  I think I had a third of it and felt so full.

The next day I got another delivery, and it was more of the same: Schkinny Leap Frog in the morning, then a Schkinny Vegetable salad which was touted as “who doesn’t like salad? ESP in a liquid form?” or something.  Well I don’t :p I like my salad with a bit of crunch.  I think at one part of my detox “journey” ( yes, it was 3 days but it was a journey dammit!) I found a rocket which hasn’t been blend and I eagerly fished it out to chew it slowly and savoured the whole act of it.

It wasn’t really that bad… You do get a small small box of seeds to chew on if you miss chewing.

For lunch I got some awesome tomato soup that tasted really good when heated, and at night some cauliflower soup to end the day.  I could barely finish the cold juices in between.  I don’t think I like too much cold juices and started getting stomach cramps 😦

Last day, more Schkinny Leap frogs and veggie salad juice  but I was feeling good.  Come lunch time though the weather didn’t warm up and I was feeling cold.  Unfortunately I got some gazpacho (cold soup) for lunch! Grrrr I almost hurled it in the bin and give up but I persisted.  It was probably good on a really really hot day.  The gazpacho tasted zesty and pack full of veggie flavour.

Verdict? Well, I know I am a wuss but 3 days of detox really hurts.  I don’t know how people did 5 days really.  But after the detox I have started to incorporate more veggies in my diet and it wasn’t hard to do at all.  I have also kicked my curry twisties habbit (bloody colleague and his awesome Singaporean souvenir!).  I am still craving chocolate but have managed to stop eating it (most of the time LOL).

If I fall off the wagon again I would probably do their Monday detox where every Monday you get juices.  I think it will really help you kick start the week that way 🙂

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