Miss Chu South Yarra

Miss Chu
276 Toorak Rd, South Yarra
03 9041 5848

Before Dr. Ben and Mrs Hotguns left Melbourne, they raved about Miss Chu, urging us to visit.  At that time we lived quite close to Miss Chu in the city and didn’t think that there’s a reason to go to the one in South Yarra so we never went.  But today, I was helping a friend in South Yarra so I thought I’d drop by for a snack.
photo 2 [640x480] (2)The first impression was quite good.  This “skinny” tuck shop was bright and cheery, and even at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon it was packed.  They have very useful hooks to hang your jackets and bags if you are sitting on the bar stools.
Service wise I find them slightly lacking.  No one greeted me at the door so I wasn’t sure whether I should sit or wait to be seated. I waited to order for a bit while waitresses wandered aimlessly around in slow motion.
photo 1 [640x480] (2)Food came relatively quickly which is fantastic as I was a bit hungry.  First up char siew bao (BBQ Pork Bun).
photo 3 [640x480] (2)This actually tasted wayyyy better than the ones in the Exhibition St Tuckshop.  The bun was large and fluffy, the BBQ pork inside was delicious and not too fatty.  It’s certainly up there as one of the best BBQ Pork Buns in Melbourne.
photo 4 [640x480] (2)I normally eat the egg, avocado and caramelised onion rice paper roll in the Exhibition St store so I decided to try it in the South Yarra store also.  Their appearance looked much nicer in the South Yarra store and it tasted slightly fresher too.
Overall, I like the South Yarra store better and it’s no wonder Dr. Ben and Mrs Hotguns raved about it so much. 8/10

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