Hi all, my new foodie correspondance Dr. Ben just sent me a new post- Tayyabs Indian restaurant!  Enjoy!

83-89 Fieldgate St, Tower Hamlets, UK
(020) 7247 9543

This is a famous Punjabi restaurant in London, founded in 1972, for which you would have trek to Whitechapel, a suburb with mostly Pakistani inhabitants, so you know you are in the right location to be eating authentic curry dishes.  It is a close 5 minute walk from either the Royal London Hospital or the Whitechapel tube station.

At times there are queues to get into this place, so we arrived at midday for lunch.  However we found that there is plenty of seating both ground level and basement level, but it is made to seem busy by the staff filling customers on the ground floor level.  The décor is actually much better than I anticipated, and seemed rather clean with an open kitchen which I was pleasantly surprised to find. The patrons are predominantly Caucasians, but still our subcontinent colleagues assure us that the food is quite authentic.

DSC00930 [640x480]As we sat down, we were given some popadoms and condiments.  We ordered the lamb chops (4 pieces),  the karahi gosht lamb and the Saag Aloo, along with some chicken biriyani and garlic naan to go with the curries.

DSC00928 [640x480]The lamb chops come on a sizzling hot plate and is both spectacular to watch and hear.  The aroma and flavours of the lamb chops pack a punch, yet are not overpowering, and the texture is as tender as it gets, expectantly the meat comes right off the bone.

DSC00932 [640x480]The karahi gosht lamb is a tomatoey curry with garlic, green chillies and masala cooked in a deep cooking pot which I certainly prefer over creamy curries from many subcontinent establishments.  The lamb once again, ever so tender.  The saag aloo is a spinach and potato curry that is blended with chillies, coriander and a hint of garlic.  I found the saag although flavoursome, was a bit too oily for my liking.

DSC00929 [640x480]The garlic naan was certainly how most people like their bread, crispy on the outside and soft as you bite in, and goes so well with the curries.

DSC00931 [640x480]I was told most places cook the biriyani separate from the meat, which this place apparently does not do.  The meat in the biriyani was amazing tender and flavoursome.

The service was not bad for a restaurant serving curries, although I did have to ask twice for the bill to come.  Overall, for two people the bill came to around £27 which is not bad for London.  Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience and I would come again!

Décor 6.5/10, Food 8.5/10, service 7/10. Overall 7.5/10.

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