Cumulus Inc.

Cumulus Inc.
45 Flinders Ln Melbourne
03 9650 1445

There are always huge advantages when parents come over for a visit.  The main thing is you take them to yummy places you have been wanting to revisit since day dot.
Back in the good old days I love going to Cumulus Inc for breakfast.  Their 65/65 eggs are legendary and spawned a number of copycats around Melbourne.  Revisiting them this time, it seemed like they have moved on from 65/65 eggs, as it was not offered on the menu.  Sadness.
photo 3 [640x480]P.Mummy decided on the baked eggs which has a beautiful Middle Eatern flavour $16.  This dish is super filling and I couldn’t believe it when P. Mummy almost had the whole plate to herself.
photo 2 (2) [640x480]P.Diddy chose the smoked ocean trout with dill and pickled cucumber $17.  A direct contrast to P.Mummy’s dish this is extremely light and refreshing.
photo 1 (2) [640x480]My choice was the grilled bratwurst sausage w shaved cabbage and soft boiled egg $18.  I was slightly disappointed when the dish came out as I was expected the dish to be hot and not room temperature.  It tasted ok, but I would much rather trek to Hardware Societe for brekkie than Cumulus Inc next time.
photo 4 [640x480]What redeemed this breakfast was thankfully, the lemon curd madeleines!  THIS freshly baked, beautiful, fragrant, lemon curd oozing little cake remained my favorite over the years and a must have every time I visit Cumulus. 7.5/10

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