Clement Coffee Roasters

Clement Coffee Roasters
116-136 Cecil St, South Melbourne
03 9209 6295

Living in the South side meant that I started to shop at the South Melbourne market.  I can’t believe the treasures I found in the South! Little edible flowers are on sale in one of the fruit and veg places, as well as microherbs and abundance of Asian veg.  Sad thing is that whilst South Melb market has a huge variety of Asian veg it’s sadly lacking the Asian cuts of meats.

photo 4 [640x480]Anyway I digress.  The point is, other than discovering the delightful fruit and veg at South Melbourne markets, I have also discovered the delightful cares around there, first being Giddiup and second being Clement.
photo 1 [640x480]To be honest, Clement’s selection of food ain’t huge, but what they have it’s delicious. On this occasion I chose soy hot chocolate and a peanut butter and boysenberry jam donut.
photo 3 [640x480]The soy hot chocolate was delightful.  It was rich and strong and not sweet at all.  It’s certainly a very adult hot chocolate.
photo 2 [640x480]My donut was sensational, and could virtually knock Movida  Bakery off its perch of being my favorite donut places.  The donut was unbelievably fluffy and in that aspect it was certainly better than Movida Bakery.  However I found the jam has overpowered the flavour of the peanut butter, and it was just a tiny bit too sour for me, so on that note I reckon Movida Bakery’s lemon curd donut is still the best.  BUT that being said i really got to try Clement’s lemon curd donut (if they have got it) to really see which one is better, and I have a sneaky suspicion that Clement’s donut will reign. 8.5/10

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