Komeyui Japanese Restaurant

Komeyui Japanese Restaurant
396 Bay Street Port Melbourne
03 9646 2296

IMG_4859 [640x480]Resistance is futile when @cltyw and @yen_Luxbite from Twitter kept posting pictures of Komeyui’s sea urchin (uni) and tagging me into it.  Knowing that I am a huge fan of sea urchin, they eventually lured me into Komeyui.

IMG_4861 [640x480]Before titillating you with my sea urchin, we first started with some oyster in soy foam ($4.2 each).  I am not 100% happy with this dish.  It just wasn’t the freshest I have ever had and the foam has a very weird texture and looked a little bit like spew (sorry if I sounded like MKR’s Ashlee and Sophia…)

IMG_4862 [640x480]

Ta-Da!  Here comes the sea urchin!  For $35 we had tons of sea urchin sashimi.  I can eat platefuls of this- it was simply so fresh.  Yumgasmic!

Our next dish was mud crab sashimi…. why no picture?  Hahahhahahaa that’s because we thought the waiter said mud crab sashimi and we thought to ourselves, mud crab??  Sashimi???  Can you even do mud crab sashimi?  Who cares? Let’s get it!! Anywayz, it turns out the poor waiter said “Mackerel”… DOHHHHHHH!  The waiter kindly took that dish back cos we definitely DIDN’T want mackerel.  LOL

IMG_4863 [640x480]

Since we didn’t get our mud crab sashimi, we decided to order more sea urchin- Uni Don $60.  Yes it’s very expensive for a bowl of rice but in my eyes, IT’S SO WORTH IT.  I must say I normally hated ginger, and there’s this Japanese pickled ginger SCATTERED all over the rice which makes in unavoidable.  But it actually adds depth to the whole dish.  OH MY NOMS.

IMG_4864 [640x480]Next, our soft shell crab arrived.  We found the soft shell crab a bit overpriced at $20 for 4 small pieces of fairly oily and not very meaty soft shell crab.  I know soft shell crab are not normally meaty, but this one is especially skinny for some reason.  Hubby’s chawanmushi $12.5 (not pictured) also arrived and whilst he found the flavours nice, he reckons the egg custard is not as silky smooth as it was supposed to be.

IMG_4866 [640x480]

Pumpkin mochi was our last savoury dish of the night.  I have had this dish before and remembered that I loved it, so I insisted on ordering it again this time.  I felt that this time the pumpkin mochi is slightly too oily, but once again I really like the unique flavour of the dish which is borderline sweet/savoury.  The texture is lovely too, if you like slightly chewy food.  Still trying to figure out how they make it as I couldn’t seem to find this anywhere.

IMG_4867 [640x480]We were too full to have dessert, but Komeyui provided us with this rockmelon drizzled in syrup.  Yum.

Overall, I think if you know what to choose in Komeyui you can certainly have a satisfyingly yumgasmic (but pricey) meal.  Sadly, Komeyui is a hit and miss for me, but the hits certainly make up the misses which would definitely entice me to go again and again.  7/10

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